Fatshark, my friend almost get epileptic after this patch

There is a serious problem with psyker’s surge staff charging effect after patch.
It constantly flashing light makes other teammate more uncomfortable than caster psyker specially when surrounding environment are usually dark.
One of my teammate felt sick after a mission, I really think Fatshark there is a serious problem right now.


yeah the best solution is just to post about it and not use it for now since. They do read the posts here i’m sure they will change it

I used it about five times and had to stop. Was literally making my eyeballs ache.

Out of all the things people have been asking for, I have never seen a single person asking for this.

“Can you make my screen super blurry and also make it vibrate and flash?”

Absolutely bonkers.


Well if blocking with the Force Sword makes you see nothing, at the very least have the staff be able to share that feeling with your team kappa.

Did ANYONE ask for a change to the lightning staff? It does little damage so it felt ‘impactful’ enough as it was, frankly. I assumed, if ANYTHING, you might make the strands ‘thicker’ or more tinted towards that ‘warp’ color of teal. But this? This is INSANE. I am not someone that gets dizzy or motion sick or has issues in-game or out, but this is unironically uncomfortable to look at. With motion blur on it feels like the screen is swimming, and the blur? It’s like a particularly uncomfortable drunk effect in a game. I don’t think I’m going to use the staff anymore until it changes. I have no idea what the thought process here was, but you need to start getting actual gamers testing these changes if no one on your staff saw the obvious and blatant issues this would bring. It is literally physically uncomfortable to use.

Please revert it. If you want to make changes to the way it looks, make the lightning thicker and more impactful looking (and sounding!), not make it seem as if the Psyker is about to vomit everywhere–or make the players WANT to vomit everywhere.


Gives me severe headaches and nausea when I use it or others around me spam it.

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Please Fatshark, revert this change. It is unplayable.