A note to add to the Surge Staff discussion - Force Sword also seems to have a similar problem

The new update seems to have “enchanced” not just the Surge Staff animations (to the point it hurts many people’s eyes), but also for the Force Sword.
The lightning/blur is nowhere near as bad as with Surge Staff, but it still uncomfortable to use (namely, the block).

I would like to ask the team to look into all the Psycher weapons, especially the blur and lightning effects, and alter in favour of visibility/clarity.
It’s cool to have powerful visuals for psychic abilities, but I’d rather have clear line of sight at the enemy when blocking, rather than blurred screen and sparks that don’t help me in any way (and, frankly, really strain my eyes — I’ve never had this experience before or in any other game).

P.S. I’ve seen some people not having a problem with the Surge Staff/Force Sword new effects, but please understand that a lot of people seem to have a problem with it (it physically hurts — you can see an abundance of such reviews everywhere, not just these forums)


I completely agree. Although the visual effect looks cool, it does hurt in the long run and also prevents visibility. Not to mention the sound effect while blocking with the force sword that really irritates my ears.

I agree. I can’t see anything in front of me when I block. Please revert the change.

I have immediately stopped playing psyker until this is addressed as it feels unsafe. I’m not sure why they thought adding this was a good idea. Its getting to the point where Im not sure people play test at FS…

I wasn’t the only one that felt same eith the sword
I’m gonna hold on to my knife for a while
my eye says please any thing but force sword and surge staff

I completely agree that the psyker has a huge visibility and sensory problem that strongly affects gameplay. Not only does gaining peril blur the edges of your field of view, it also makes it sound like you’re underwater.
And in the most critically important parts of the game, in a large battle, you’re sure to stack to high peril to keep dps up and help your teammates, you simultaneously gimp your senses to the point where I simply can’t hear approaching chaoshounds, or trappers.

Now add that you often have to switch to the sword to block, your fov is now further blurred by white lensflare obstructing your view way beyond simply the arm and sword.

This latest change with adding blurry and wavy shader effects right in your face on the surge staff was the drop that made me edit and downgrade my steamreview of the game.

The patch notes says the VFX changes are supposed to make the lightning effect feel more “impactful”. But it has no such effect in my opinion. It serves only to frustrate. I’d rather that the feeling of “impact” from using it was changed to adding a crackling and fizzing sound effect on enemies, perhaps combined with a small visual of enemis catching fire. You could even add a weak fire dot to that to go with the visuals.

Also: Why on earth did developers add this latest “stun” effect when you reach 100 peril? As if you’re not gimped enough already at 100 peril with the visual and sound being obscured and muffled, I now often find myself being sort of “stunned” unable to quell peril, with the camera shaking and movement being imparied as if drunk, for a few seconds after reaching 100% peril.

Last but not least, I’ve run into an issue with the Voidstrike force staff lately, where it feels like the game often fails to register inputs on charged shots(2ndary fire). I charge up a large shot with 2ndary fire and then press fire button but nothing happen, and I find I have to spam the fire button repeatedly to elicit a response from the game. Is this an intended effect or a bug of some sort? I don’t have this problem with other weapons.