The ridiculous amount of Psyker nerfs dropped

-Brain Burst cost more to cast
-It’s much harder to manage the resource it uses
-Brain Burst does not stagger anymore, even the weakest of enemies
-Brain Burst does less damage and doesn’t scale
-There are virtually no damage increases in the perk tree
-You can only get perils reduction after you amass large amount of charges which will be impractical with the high base cost of powers
-Some %bonuses on the skill tree were nerfed hard (ex. toughness recovery)
-lower special/elite health makes BB useless with a 2 second cast
-force sword push uses the same resource so if you cast so if you use your ability and need to fallback to melee or simply defend yourself from the horde you can’t while everybody else gets a dedicated resource for that

What in the name of the Emprah are you doing Fatshark? This is not a balance fix, this is a character assassination of an entire class.
Do you intend to roll that back in batches to find a balance or did you manage, in this extremely limited time from closed beta to engineer a perfect solution, test it and confirm that it will give you results you want?
How will you know which of the changes caused the massive migration away from psyker if you introduce all these changes at one?

I’m honestly intrigued what’s the plan going forward.


Reading that while not being able to test the game is the only thing since previous beta that makes me consider refunding the game.

What’s the point of the psyker at all.
No stagger anymore ? What ?

What’s the point of psyker at all in the game now ?

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Brain burst Not Staggering must surely be a bug? I notified it immediately.

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There is no point that’s my point xD
It is such a dramatic contrast to the Closed Beta, like going from the best horde shooter ever made to a bad clone of L4D2 - at least from a Psyker’s perspective.

If you loved Psyker in previous beta as well, then you’re on right track, if it’s not changed back I will definitely pass on the game.


The Psyker is not as “pleasant” as in closed beta but the brain burst build is still viable… 25 sec duration of warp charges is a buff I think? (not sure but I think it was like 10 or 15 in the last beta).
Still relevant against Elite/Special and bosses, even with damage reduction imho. The boss damage in the previous beta was too OP. 8 or 9 Burst in T3 diff to kill a boss? That was ridiculous.

The 15% damage increase for non warp attacks FOR ALL THE TEAM after brain burst is just a no brainer against boss/elite/specials (and force you to switch to a normal weapon when being overcharged). It is clearly an indication that you can’t use force weapons AND have a “brain burst centric” build/gameplay. It is one or other from my point of view. There is damage increase for warp attacks that will combo nicely with the force weapons (sword + staff). The Brain Burst build seems more like an elite/boss killer and damage support (passive aura +10% damage for the team against elite makes me thing that anyway).

Like in V2, maybe we should wait to reach lvl max. In Vermintide 2 the endgame builds change totally the characters and the gameplay, between lvl 20/25/30 perks and stuff atributes, etc.

Maybe FS’ hand was a bit heavy on the nerf but you can still make it work ^^.

It is my opinion so far, you do not have to agree with it of course :slight_smile:
And I like the fact that I do not get lobbies with 2 or 3 Psykers anymore.

I wholeheardedly agree, when playing as a Psyker I feel like I am not doing anything.

Brainburst generates to much too warp is too slow slow to charge and I need to do it twice for most elites. 99% if the time my teammates finish off whatever I am brainbursting or straight up kill it before I am done charging it.

It honestly feels quite bad and as it currently stands there is no point to the class at all.


My biggest beef with the class is your main ability Brain Burst;

  • Takes way too long to charge up
  • Generates way too much Peril so I can generally only use it once
  • Doesn’t do any particuarly noticeable damage, either something dies or it doesn’t
  • Is very hard to target enemies, and you constantly still generate peril even when the charged attack is ready to use

When I closed the game down for the night I kind of realised the class actually isn’t any fun, I spent more time shooting as it was the only way to be effective.

Every time I see an important target I think “Right, my time to shine” so switch weapon to Blitz > hold right mouse to charge it up > oh wait everyone else has already lit up the target and its dead > I’m now at 80% Peril with nothing to show for it, and probably being shot to pieces by anything else I couldn’t engage.

I’d rather it charge up a LOT faster, or if it’s going to take forever to charge at least make it an AoE ability to chunk hordes of enemies.

Its not so bad, I think the brain burst probably was a little overpowered before, although I think enemy type should play a factor in its charge time and heat build, it might be cool to pop a bunch of fodder enemies quickly as opposed to a special which would require a longer buildup


It’s somewhat better after last quelling patch - it’s rather close to the closed beta’s rate of casting while requiring one to quell efficiently.
Scaling is still non-existent unfortunately, so it is still problematic to use against tougher elites/specials.

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