Psyker is pathetically weak after nerfs

Although some aspects of the psyker were certainly too strong in the previous beta - mainly how easy it was to cheese and abuse high peril levels - some other areas have been nerfed so hard that they make psyker feel ridiculously weak and not fun at all to play.

  • Brain Burst now generates far too much peril - only being able to do it twice before reaching critical peril is ridiculous and invalidates it in a lot of situations where it was previously useful.

  • Pushes with the force sword generating peril makes the weapon extraordinarily awkward, it feels very bad to play with now. Pushes costing two resources (stamina and peril) and having the possibility of easily overcharging you is not a fun mechanic. At the very least, the first “stage” of the push should not generate peril, but having either one generate peril really harms the experience.

  • Quelling peril is far too slow for the amount that is now generated, and you move far too slowly whilst doing it, essentially making feat 20-3 (Mind in Motion) a must-pick if you use a weapon that generates peril, which really sucks.

  • The ult not clearing all peril is the worst change by far. It only serves to exacerbate the above point - making peril simultaneously faster to generate and harder to quell weakens both the objective usefulness and fun factor of the psyker. It also largely invalidates the fun build I found in the previous beta where you use the ult to generate toughness with feat 5-3 (Quietitude).

Psyker was a fun class in the previous beta, but now feels pretty awful to play. I don’t understand these changes, as psyker was not an overpowered class before, the only thing that was actually broken and unbalanced was the cheese of being able to cast spells at 100% peril, which has now been fixed and I have no complaints with that.


The changes to the Force Sword MkII are particularly unfortunate-- not only was the Push Attack part of the weapon’s standard combo string for continuous sweeps but your defensive control option in melee suddenly competes with and can be locked off by your offensive resource. As if the Special Attack costing 5% more than a successful BrainPop (while not giving a Charge Stack and requiring a melee hit) wasn’t bad enough!

The Force Sword MkII absolutely needs the Perils-on-Push/Push-Attack removed, the weapon is genuinely a trap option with it. Other melee weapons are more versatile and out-perform it in its single-target niche, there currently isn’t a reason to use it.


The saving grace of the Force Sword is its push. Without it, it’s just another high-damage, low-cleave weapon that Fatshark really should already know from VT2 is a bad design that barely anyone uses (or at least anyone who isn’t deliberately goofing around). FS has decent damage, but its abysmal cleave massively outweighs this.

FS’s push was genuinely a really clever way to fix this type of weapon and allow it to control hordes without changing its core design philosophy, but they’ve completely ruined it, relegating it to the same status as Sienna’s crowbill. If anything it’s worse - as much of a meme as the crowbill is, at least it can’t overcharge you by pushing enemies away!


I’m actually, genuinely saddened by all of these changes. I always play the wizard in my friend group, I love being the “firepower” on the team and clearing rooms with magic. I’m also a big fan of Psykers in 40k lore, as I play Thousand Sons on the tabletop and read all their HH books.

And I’m genuinely considering just swapping to Ogryn and having done with it, because at least they are faithful to the class fantasy and don’t feel like they’re punishing me for just trying to use my class mechanics and unique weapons.


I feel this a lot. I am always the “magic user” and enjoy being such. I main Sienna in V2 and love it. The Pskyer being of the power level the Emperor would simply be fed for his lunch time meal makes me sad. If this implementation of a Psyker is supposed to be what Fatshark had in mind they really missed the mark on the class fantasy.

The only way to currently play Psyker and feel somewhat close to how it should feel is by using the Force staff and basically giving up Brain Burst in favor of the staff attacks.


It actually feels depressing to play this version of the psyker. They only had to give BB a small cooldown or have it like it is right now but make it a special one shot so it’s balanced in every difficulty (and change all the warp charge related talents to accomodate that).

They ended up nerfing the ult, the peril generation, quelling, all force weapons, rotations… and basically the whole talent tree because they decided BB was too spammy? Then why make it the core of the class in the first place? Whoever decided this hasn’t played psyker, at all. The current balance is straight up a dumb, laughable mess, and there’s no reasons to justify it.

The current ‘optimal’ way to play psyker is to grab 2 non force normal weapons that can actually kill stuff and completely ignore the overtuned peril management and warp charges and play like a guardsman, but without the perks that make that class good. He is basically a worse veteran that can rarely give some weak headaches to the enemies.


i Loved using the Force Sword in the last beta but now it just feels punishing to use and the fact it costs peril to shove feels awful, please revert this change at least, it feels genuinely bad to use the weapon. Also it still says in the training that the class ability fully removes peril which it obviously doesnt, please look into making the psyker more rewarding to play.


Basically remove the brain burst and make the class a generic cookie cutter veteran.

What’s even the point of having the psyker as it is ?
Name him Conscript, remove brain burst and all his skills, make him the level 0 tutorial character ?


What to add - new psyker sucks, simple as


I 100% agree with this post, all i’ve seen people really talk about before was how easy was to “edge” the peril amount, which has been solved in the preorder beta. All the other changes were unneeded, and frankly, really ruin both the class, and the fun you have by playing it. I genuinely hope they make the psyker class eventually as it was in the CBT, without the easily abusable peril management. Oh, and the peril UI is ugly too now.


EDIT: I no longer agree with what I wrote below regarding the force sword. The strong high peril “super push” needed to be moved to the push attack (with it retaining a normal non-peril regularly push before that)

100% agree with the OP.

The force sword push causing Peril is the worst IMHO. I loved the force sword and it’s special attack using peril makes sense. But potentially blowing yourself up for using a basic melee action (i.e. a defensive push) is terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE. If you’re at high peril you have no way to really manage your situation or get out of a tight spot. You’re just screwed.

I think head popping costing more peril could be okay, so long as other sources of peril were reduced (or eliminated like force sword pushes) AND that quelling manually was faster. I’d be in favor of higher cost for head popping too if the wind up time was reduce and it did more damage (especially for higher difficulties).


One note on the ult not clearing full peril. There are some buffs (like the 3rd level 5 talent where losing peril restores toughness) where having higher peril is okay. The ult clearing all peril is nice if you’re focused on headpopping, but clearing it down to just 50% isn’t bad when you’re playing with talents where having a certain level of peril is desired. You can ult, avoid a meltdown, and still have peril to work with. I can’t recall from the CBT, but I feel like the ult maybe recharges faster now? You can ult, headpop, vent for a second or wait, and head pop again.

What I would really like to see is something where your charge stacks don’t ALL go away if the timer runs out, but rather every 25 seconds you lose one stack, then another 25 seconds to loose the next stack, etc. Sitting on 4+ stacks and then watching them all vanish because you’re team keeps killing our head pop targets is frustrating. A compromise there would be great.


At this point, Psyker feels like the weakest class overall without comparison. You are better off playing this class as a weaker veteran with guns than attempting to engage in the mechanics designed with it.

Priority target: Your speciality, most times you can’t target it correctly, or it’s dead by the time you do. End result is a bunch of peril and nothing to show.

Hordes: Might as well melee. Guns aren’t good for it, force staffs peril drain is massive, brain burst is 1 enemy.

Boss: You’d think this is where a Psyker could shine. Nope, other classes simply out DPS you via melee or guns. You are to busy trying to edge at best.

Turn it into a 3 charge ability
Let warp charges increase the speed in which it recharges
Tweak talents to provide additional recharge speed to create the build
Modify talents to create a secondary line of force staff / peril focused play so the class isn’t just a 1 trick pony.

As it stands now, Psyker is basically a veteran with weaker talents and less damage potential. Peril is too high / awful mechanic currently and makes the class completely unejoyable to play. Your talents live and die by BB and warp charges, so you are pigionholed into the role, so can we at least excel at SOMETHING?


Offtopic, but am I the only who doesnt find Patchnotes or a list of changes anywhere?

At least as for the Psyker nerfs here’s the stuff I’ve noticed and tested:
-Brain Burst cost more to cast
-It’s much harder to manage the resource it uses
-Brain Burst does not stagger anymore, even the weakest of enemies
-Brain Burst does less damage and doesn’t scale
-There are virtually no damage increases in the perk tree
-You can only get perils reduction after you amass large amount of charges which will be impractical with the high base cost of powers
-Some %bonuses on the skill tree were nerfed hard (ex. toughness recovey)
-lower special/elite health makes BB useless with a 2 second cast
-force sword push uses the same resource so if you cast so if you use your ability and need to fallback to melee or simply defend yourself from the horde you can’t while everybody else gets a dedicated resource for tha


Agreed with all the feedback here. Psyker feels awful to play now, and brain burst does not seem to be buffed in damage or charge speed to compensate for how much more peril it generates.


Agree with all the feedback here. They butchered Zealot in simillar (albait not as bad) way. Both classes I look forward the most in early-beta are just straight up bad.

Whoever was doing that “balance” passes should get this: if something works good, don’t touch it. Really. Tweak a little bit first, just a little and then if needed little more. You just straight up murdered two classes.


Glad to see so many people feeling the same way as me. It just blows my mind that they made so many changes at once. Anyone who has ever done any sort of coding knows that incremental changes are the way to go. When there’s a problem, you change one thing at a time and test after each one until you find what was causing the problem. You don’t change fifteen things at once and hope one of them will do the job. That’s like hunting rabbits with Stinger missiles.


Sadly Fatshark “hammer approach” goes back to Vermintide 2. They never learnt to make small tweaks first and actively work with community where it comes to balancing.

It usually goes like that: Hey fatshark, X thing is little bit too strong, it’s need to be tuned down. Fatshark: SAY NO MORE (HAMMER!), now X is useless! Enjoy.

Or: Hey Fatshark, Y thing is little too weak, needs to be buffed a little. Fatshark: SAY NO MORE (HAMMER!), now Y is Overpowered! Enjoy.

Same again in Darktide.


level 10 psyker. Not fun to play at all. Better off using Guns/melee and avoiding the class ability all together. I max out on peril so fast, even just using the push attack from my force sword. Is this a cruel joke? Every other class plays so naturally and everything about this class feels bad.