Psyker needs Fixed

Currently the Psyker is in a really rough spot due to the following.

  • Psyker builds up 45% peril per mind burst
    Psyker still has to use peril to push with power sword or to use the staff.
    You can’t move at all while lowering peril, which leads to situations where you get left behind.
    ULT for psyker no longer brings peril to 0% instead only cutting it in half.
    It seems that target select with mind burst is more difficult than in prior beta.
    Psykers perks to recover Toughness seem to have been greatly nerfed now making it very diffcult to consistently recover peril as Psyker.
    It is much more difficult to keep up stacks of warp charge.
    All in all the class is no where near as good as it was in the past beta, In higher tiers you would have to use mind burst two or more times just to defeat any tanky elite (marauders etc…) The peril build up really needs to be reduced as psykers power weapons build up this meter as well. Also I don’t understand why the ULT shouldn’t reduce peril % to 0 instantly. Unlike other classes reaching 100% or higher peril causes the psyker to die. If anyone else has noticed any other nerfs to Psyker please share, hopefully they are able to buff/fix Psyker as it is meant to be a class focused on elite killing.
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