Psyker Feedback(Didn't play the Betas)

I didn’t play the other betas so I’m only going to use my current play time so far.

In short the Psyker feels pointless to play and have on the team. Everyone does everything they can do but better. Burst takes an insanely long time to charge and the only time I get to pop a head is when the rest of the team isn’t paying attention. Also 2 bursts and I’m “oom” which means I have to switch over to a non force weapon for an extended period of time or blow my F.

I don’t feel like a Warhammer Psyker. In the Universe Lore a Psyker who can only burst a single head before going insane and exploding is not of sufficient strength to fight anyone or anything. Psykers this weak are A) Killed Immediately or B) Feed to the Emperor.

I didn’t except to feel like Sienna but I also didn’t expect to feel like Sienna in her first week at the academy.


100% agreed. Brain Burst spamming needed a nerf, but it was the only thing carrying the class which was pretty mediocre otherwise, and instead they’ve nerfed everything. Making the ult clear half your peril instead of all of it is just… mind-blowing. Just why?


With it taking 2 bursts a kill only 50% of my bar lets me take out 1 and a half specials before switching to conventional weapons. Makes me a sad Psyker.

A video of Psyker play right now looks very different then the videos I was watching that made me REALLY want to play. I enjoyed the high action “magic” combat style those videos were showing off. Psyker game play right now is much slower and doesn’t resemble what I was expecting.


I agree. Those changes and Zealot changes (though I still prey those are bugs, becasue nobody can be that dense…) just killed those 2 classes for me.

Currently it’s Veteran Meta.

don’t forget you have to brain burst though the entire warp charge mechanic is tied to brain burst kills. there are several talents that scale off charges and do things. and its the only way to get a charge