Post update psyker

Appreciate the fixes and tweaks, after this update i can finally rotate between staff/burst/sword without serious issues. And i can use the staff enough to satisfy my hunger for pretty bright lights and neat spells.

Ive yet to try it at harder difficulties, as i should, but it feels a lot more fun for sure.

That being said… i still think the traits should have options to lean either into brain burst or staves more… it still seems too brain burst heavy on that end.

Also… at the risk of repeating myself in the same theme… wouldnt mind if the staves had a 3rd warp ability instead of melee swing… if it comes to that there is no reason to not switch to a sword.

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Yeah I agree, I don’t think a psyker would ever leave themselves using a staff as a melee weapon. It’s useless to be honest.

Even if we had the pistols push or force blade push would be great.

I REALLY want a sidearm slot for pistols…

I like the revolver, its neat… it wont help me any carrying it 95% of the time… but id like to have it…

I think all classes ahould have a sidearm slot for pistols.

The Staff’s melee should be a powerful swing that generates perils. Maybe an armor breaker for melee as a last resort, or something that can knock back enemies in front of you while doing lethal damage to weak enemies centered on your screen.

Force Staves in 40k ARE melee weapons for a reason. Even a basic Primaris Psyker swings at Strength 6 with one of those things, and that’s basically what we are in-game.

or… a one-way bubble shield? :slight_smile:

Or a aoe burst of melee for a large peril cost. The current stave is useless and a liability. I am excited for the other staves though. :woman_shrugging:

post update psyker feels a lot better, my main issue is how to generate WCs when fighting bosses, as we only seem to generate them on kills, which makes some of our feats really hard to generate on single targets, like the toughness regen on WC gain.

though i havent got that far yet so maybe its not an issue when i get to the later levels of psyker.

I do agree the staves third ability should be… something else the melee attacks is pointless when swappnig to a melee weapon is instant, a push like a mini ult (at the cost of perils) could be nice to make space to swap to our melee, or a weaker/slower version of the force sword special.