Psyker Staff Melee: Just make it usable

A lot of people might not know the Psyker Staff actually has a melee function, it’s the same button you use to rev your Chainsword or charge your Power/Force Sword.

If you did know, you’d also know it’s practically useless, swinging glacially slowly, and doing next to no damage or knockback.

How about giving it an actual usable attack. The simplest one I can think if, is make it so if you hold the button, it charges the attack just like you’re charging your Staff’s secondary fire using Peril. Then when you release it, it does a heavy swipe that could either knock back in a radius, cast soulfire in a radius, or whatever, something that could actually be useful.

Lore wise it isn’t unheard off for Force Staves to be used in melee when needed like a Force Sword, and it would be nice if it was at least useful.


The second melee staff attack (swipe) is already quite good when you need to stagger some rubble in front. I’d love to see them make that attack come first (cuz it’s just more usable than the current first attack). Being able to hold it to charge for a powerful knockback that would generate peril is an awesome idea. Staff melee is already pretty fun to use if you have a single target, improving it would be just great.


I 100% agree, I was very disappointed when I found out that the Force Staves cant channel melee attacks (lore and table-top its one of their primary functions) and would just be a fun change. I understand not wanting to ruin the flow between switching to melee and ranged weapons, but something flashy just to look cool would be great, even if it wasn’t amazing.

I’d prefer if force-staffs could be chosen to swith to melee mode with Q instead of switching to a dagger/sword/axe

so could block and fight well etc with staff in melee

alternatively i need a force mace or some blunt force weapons.
(preferably still option with staff to use in melee with Q instead of switch weapon)
(actually would also want psyker to have access to ChainAxe like veteran does)

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Psyker staff should take both melle and range weapon slot, imo. Swap between which mode with the same buttons, give it a tertiary ranged ability with the special, melle special will charge it, light charged attacks with melle cleave like power sword (less damage, heavy attacks do an AOE Bonk when charged that swings downward) reload still clears peril from both. Make the block on the melle one block ranged attacks for stamina (or perils witbt be perk obviously, maybe at a better rate than regular weapons) seems the best way to take the staffs imo, as theyre kinda the pinultimate psyker weapon.

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Make the horizontal swing the special has as the first hit and increase its stagger but lower damage, and make the second swing the head boop, but make it do enough damage to kill a single mob in one hit if you headshot on all difficulties.

So a staff user can use special to push and cc a horde and cast a aoe spell on a horde too close, or you can use the knockback swing and then boop them in the head to kill a single trash mob instead of switching weapons.

But the boop needs to hit hard enough to kill trash in one hit, if you need to press the special button more than twice to kill a single trash mob, you would be better off switching to melee and using a single heavy attack.

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I think they should simply replace the attacks with a force push much like the one on the force sword or heavy laspistol.

Would fit the theme of a force staff better and would fit more smoothly into how it’s ideally used in my opinion.

This is actually the best idea i’ve heard yet regarding the Psyker’s staff, i really hope the devs implement something like this considering in lore the staff is as much a melee weapon as it is a ranged weapon and is made of the same materials as all the other melee weapons anyway so it should be able to hit as hard as the blunt weapons at least.

I have to say, that i would like to see a lot of special meele weapon functions buffed. It cant be that i have to stab some enemys with the bayonet 5 or more times till they die, while killing them with a dagger in 2-3 swings, that makes no sense in my opinion. So yeah i agree, they should buff these attacks a bit :wink: