3 Changes Psyker desperately needs

Since the entire class skill tree revolves around brain burst, why not make it so:

  1. Force Sword special attack inflicts brain burst.

  2. Warp Charges depleting one at a time not all at once.

  3. Staves doing more damage or just actually being better to play with, they suck compared to guns they could inflict brain burst.

Bonus point: Brain Burst doing more damage at higher difficulties, Kerillians waystalker ability type of damage to actually be useful to the team.

  1. its already does and it actually does more dmamage then brain burst does.

  2. I agree with this one.

  3. you are using the wrong staff then. There are only 2 good staves in the game, the lightening one, and the void strike. Voidstike staff in particular is boarder line overpowered with the right Blessings on it. I have one quells 3.5% peril on weakspot kill. I can cast it indefinitely into hordes.

classes should’t compete with other classes.

they have to work together synergizing their abilities to be able to survive.

In a game where you can only have 1 of each class in a match, yes, but for some reason FS did not want that right now. so we have to look them as competing forces not synergistic ones.

You could make the arugment that “Well the Ogryn should be the team support, and the psyker should be the special killers, zelot should be horde clearer. and Vet should be elite killer and those classes should only be good at that.” Is great if you get one of each per run, but when you have a class whos only gimmich is killing elites really well, and that all you get, you suffer for it.

They are the only good staves, the fire and force one are just extremely lacking.