You know fatshark

If you updated the store more often like weekly like every other AAA cash shop you have attempted to copy and sold more stuff on it. Especially since you have No reservations on selling re-releases or full price and now jacked up price reskins

Like uhhhh sell more stuff more often = more money. I still fail to understand how this company fails to understand that after a year.

Hell if you sell more stuff more often you could sell it for more reasonable prices your community would be happy with rather than having your discord mods call us poor instead.

P.s. it’s ok to have a timer for your store refresh, not having one doesn’t make fomo complaints go away when you consistently refresh it every fortnight for several consecutive months.


to fix your Problem Communicate with your Community i shouldn’t need to Check redit for the Most recent Data Mined Files. i should hear it from you,


  1. Reduce price to OG 800 for a skin not 2400
  2. open up shop to discount itmes
  3. open up shop items to all so it not on rotation rotation can be discount it means people will buy items that they really want rather then umm and urr on wether they want a said item,

Shop have 3 segments in your shop New Stuff uptop discounted items in them middle and the Rest of the stuff. so your Customours arn’t locked out of getting items but instead can go and buy them directly. and not wait about the place. we already have to buy your MTX currency to gain access to it but we really shouldn’t have to pay triple the prices. 800-2400. but also if you reduce your prices you can sell more Cosmetis to a Larger number of Auidences that how one can montize your item 15-20 Dollars for Cosmetics isn’t reasonable due to the fact that you were selling it for less. untill the mass inflex of aqullia’s since you own the aqullia’s and set vaule it has no impact what so ever on the outer economy as it means your players can by unlimited aqualli’as and by unlimited items for real life money so what it is a transaction it not pay to win it a pay to look nice. so reduce the prices and allow it up for a large auidence rather then at most 10% of your community.


I think most importantly, since you already have the pay-to-win mechanics with how loot is distributed you should just go all in and allow people to buy power. The only games that I know of that have such abysmal drop rates are games that also let you buy yourself past these blockers.

… or… you could just have gear be locked behind challenge runs of various sorts where you could decide what to grind for instead of the RNG nonsense you have now. Make these runs stupid difficult for the high-end gear, but with guaranteed pay off. I’d play the hell out of such a system and I’m not even good enough to see the high-end drops.


First idea would be great! Hear me out, because then I would know Fatshark is irredeemable and could go to hell.
Right now they are very torn hero/anti-hero who could still become loved by all if atoned properly.

Also, second idea is AWESOME! Set a timer (progress) to unlock all weapons / skills / other to…
I don’t know? 2-3k hours as a target?

  1. the more you use for example: a bolter the faster you reload or have a better handling… (“Road of the dead 2” kind of progress).
  2. or the more blessings you unlock,
  3. or it upgrades tiers of perks and blessings to the weapons that are purchasable at the store.

You could lock it per character (If you levelled up bolter as a Zealot it does not transfer to the Vet) to have this mythical “player retention” instead of players ejection.

Anything than current system that was made by someone who might or might not torture small animals in spare time.


The whole gear acquisition system feels like it was built with this intention in mind, straight out of a mobile-game or Japanese Gacha-arcade, where there’s frustration intentionally generated so people dump enormous in-game resource quantities or actual cash to bypass said frustration…but then Fatshark just never enabled the bypass mechanism, so all that frustration just gets aimed at them and the game.


the issues is it was taken out of a Game system Like RPG where you buy your Gear with Earnable Ingame Currency. it not a Pay 2 win as it not a MMO, but it is a Pay to Play Type Game in the sense you spend enourmous amount of Ingame Currency like the Docket to get the best items roles possible then your spend futher amount of earned Reacources to level those items up rewarding you for your time Played so you can reach the Higher levels difficulties. the issue is that their is a Difficult Cap introduced in auric damnation and Malestroum. these diffculty caps are were a Lot of Players are siting at so have very little else to do with their Currency before the development of the Game i was sitting at about 20 Million Dockets and about 150K of Platesteel, anda 100k of Diminatine. the issue is once you Reach the Higher levels with the rebalancing the Previous level’s of gear are no Longer Usable to such an extent such as a level 323 knife with Bleed 3 and Mercy Killer 3 on it was able to clear Damnation before the Skill tree update. now i need Something around the the 350 Mark of item level to Clear Damnation. further more the issues that are Generated in the Refinement of Weapons make it very Hard to actually Keep good items as a 3 Problems with the Weapon then it is Scraped and Sold. there is a Loss of about 3k of Matts in the Upgrading Phases. not to Mention the Changes spent on during the first set of upgrades to Crafting such as locking in the Change to Zero Matts. if you developed it to that point your weapon’s was about ~10k of Matts invested to reduce it to Zero cost of Changing the weapons. the fact is it a Limited Model of items to spend on i blew about 13 Million Dockets on my Veteran Character. with about 4 Million on Hellbores, and ~4 Million on boltguns, with the 10Million dockts spent on Melee weapons (Shovel’s,. Force Swords, iv devil Claws" i am now reduce to about 2 Million Dockets left after my expentiure and my Matt shortage is just insane. the other issue is you gain no matts for selling a Weapon, in v2 if you destroyed a weapon you gain Granteed Matts from it in this case you sell it and you gain Zero. a Grey Shouldn’t result in matts but a Blue and above should result in 5% of sale price to Dimanitne and 10% to Plate stell so 2k Hellbore 40 Dimatine and nad 200 Plate steel so you don’t need to constantly worry about running out. as even on Dammnation sometimes your not even clearing 500platesteel a Mission let alone 250 Diminate

the cash shop is really more of an afterthought than anything. as much as the community oncesses over it, i don’t think fatshark’s staff pays it much mind outside of the handful of people that actively work on it.

which is kind of a description of fatshark’s relations with their players overall. fatshark offhandedly tosses something out thinking it’s a minor side draw, and the community gets OCD over it while the staff tries to figure out why they’d care so much.

I played vermintide 2 yesterday for the first time in an age and it’s such a stark difference. You’re able to just browse the entire inventory and it’s simply organized.

I almost bought some stuff for fun, but then I remembered how they destroyed sister of the thorn and how much darktide’s cash shop pisses me off, so I opted not to buy anything.

Oh yeah, there are cosmetics that can be earned with shillings for DAYS and they actually look good!

I feel like Some people might consider me a “whale” when it comes to cosmetic items and let me tell you, i would love more cosmetics cycled through the store more regularly. Why would FatShark not try to cash in on an obvious goldmine they have here?

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Fatshark’s strategy of rotating cosmetics in the store creates a sense of urgency among players. When items are available for a limited time, it encourages immediate purchases, as players are unsure when or if those items will return. This approach can potentially generate more revenue than having everything accessible all the time. This contrasts Fatshark’s strategy used in Vermintide 2, where all cosmetics are always available. By creating scarcity and exclusivity for certain items, they tap into a demand that drives sales, which might be more profitable in the long run (At least they think so, otherwise they wouldn’t have structured their shop this way). The rotating system in Darktide possibly generates more revenue, capitalizing on the ‘fear of missing out’ among players, compared to the always-accessible method used in Vermintide 2.

TLDR: This makes more money - that’s why.

Did you like not read the post at all

I was literally asking fatshark to fomo faster

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