Can we stop the BS

Can we get serious? This nonsense of rotation items with the mentality of buy now or who knows when you can buy it again is plain predatory and takes full advantage of FOMO.

We paid full price for this game. Can we atleast be treated with a little respect? Its so blatantly obvious what fatshark is doing here. Youd expect this from a FREE TO PLAY title. Not a p2p title.

We still want to buy your skins but you dont even make an effort to hide how predatory you are. Like come on.

Even community manager here (aqshly?) Agrees with this post. Even half the dev team agrees with this post. Why? Because what Im sayinc is basic human decency.


It’s definitely something that came from upper management or straight from the board of directors (that has a Tencent games-as-a-service manager on it).


My feelings exactly.

Changes will not come before new years, chill.

These microtransactions are what I would expect from a mobile game. This is laughable.

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