So we always have to buy more premium currency then we need to buy premium stuff. Nice predatory tactic Fatshark. Tought you are better than this. Or maybe it's Tencent? Plus timer for FOMO


Massive plus to this, I wasn’t expecting that I’d be buying a phone game or free to play MMO


Not having micro-transaction currency match the pricing on items should be criminal.

Excessively overpriced items at that.

So 1 outfit is 12 USD.
So 4 outfits would cost roughly the same as the entire game.

What exactly is “micro” about this transaction?


MTX in paid game, with predatory FOMO timers. But no full crafting system. Priorities are straight apparently. Honestly, if I hadn’t been gifted the game, I would have refunded the moment I’d seen this. This is atrocious. Earned a negative Steam review for sure.


This thread should be top priority, its actually disgusting that they are switching to these tactics and everyone should voice their opinion for them to change this


Agreed. Tactics like this need to be called out and stopped.


I’m not an expert on this, but I just noticed you cannot buy the cosmetics in the sets on their own, despite them showing a pricetag. This essentially means they’re selling things at a “discount” without actually selling them at the normal price first. I distinctly recall this practice being illegal in some places, can someone who is an expert weigh in?


I also just seen this, beside you need to buy more currency then you need, the game also creates the fear of missing something out if you don´t buy right now with this timer.

And the fact i can´t see and check how the crafting system works to avoid this stupid 1 hour change of the item vendor that seems like it is only there to gather people every hour at a certain point so you have to see what other people buyed already in the store makes me just sad.

Really bad mobile tactics …

It breaks my heart to say this … but i am so much disapointed right now that i try to get a refund because of this.
I did not expect this would be so much worse then i allready thought it would be.
And i am afraid of to wait what comes next.

This game could be so much fun. Why all the games try to go this way. I really miss the old days where a game was jsut meant to be fun :frowning:


I’ve been in F2P in the past, and yes, this looks very much like something I wouldn’t expect in a paid game. Luckily, I can react to this by never touching those cosmetics, so there’s a silver lining at least.


Fatshark making it easier than ever to not give them money.


I don’t mind a “real money” shop, even if I don’t like the items and they seem overpriced ; but I hate that this looks more and more like a mobile game in its long-term design.


I also want to make a side note. I was about 5 minutes in the game but the played time was set at 31 minutes the moment i was at the refund page.

So be aware that this timer seems the moment you start the game at steam seems to start.
I really hate to do this, i have around 200 games in my libary and never used this function before and needet to figure out how to do this …


This is EXACTLY what I and so many others feared would happen. People dismissed these worries, saying that Fatshark knows their players and is better than this. Fatshark even describes themselves as “pro-player”.

Clearly not.

Fatshark calling themselves a pro-player company just gets more insulting the more they reveal about this game.


Im hoping the fatshark dev’s themselves didnt put fourth this mtx idea and it was the stakeholders that forced them to do it, we just need to be vocal about how bad it is in hopes they listen


Darktide should have been a f2p game with this kind of stuff in it.


So doing some rough math im overpaying about 8 euro so i can get one bundle cuz u can never get the exact amount of currency. This is a toxic design i despise since the dawn of f2p model. I know the psychological applications why this is a thing and this should be illegal. My countries currency is already absolute dogshit so paying 8 euro extra is nothing micro to me.


I can almost guarantee this is Tencent’s influence rearing its ugly head. It wouldn’t be the developers, because it isn’t like they get paid more for implementing it. The devs already get paid a salary.


In a 40£ game.
My pitchfork is tingling hahaha…




Maybe you are right and the will listen.
But do you really think this will happen? I doubt it.

The only real way to change such behavior is speaking with your wallet. But this is a very short amount of players will use the refund option (like i did after 5 minutes to see what they have done).

Player´s are slowly over the years are leadet into this direction a lot of games go this days.

What it makes even worse the game is so much fun … it can make you addicted at the point you will simply swallow all they give to you.

I answered i another post what i am affraid of what the hub system is for. But what i have seen now is much more worse sadly :frowning: