I'm not buying any more items out of the Premium shop!

I have currently whaled on the premium shop like a fat guy at a Chinese buffet. However there are major issues within the game that need to be fixed. If you want me to continue throwing money at you like Benny Hinn throws at 5 star resorts, than we are going to need to see improvement. Also I’m almost out of premium cosmetics to buy so I need you to make me some more so I can hear people complain about having to use real money to buy cosmetics. However I won’t buy them until I see improvement… Unless they are good ones. Like any of the ones I suggested previously.

I’m not pointing fingers but, why would they fix anything if they have people buying premium cosmetics anyways despite the state the game is in? This cra*p has Tencent written all over it.

I won’t buy anything regardless of what they put in the premium shop, no matter how much I like/dislike something until they start listening to the community. They couldn’t even get the Steel Legion set right.


i’m almost certain OP is being sarcastic. though you can never tell on the internet.

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Well we don’t buy premium items they will fix the game, hit them right in the childhood.

Why would devs fix games or release them in finished state instead of alpha-like mess if people like you are giving them money.

Once they will get enough from 40k whales like you, they will abandon this game and move to make next product and sell it the same way.

Also I suggest to reflect on complusive purchasing a little. It’s an issue.


Why would you support their decision to implement and have a fully working fomo mtx and yet everything they promised is not even in the game?