Another fortnight another re-release

This is the worst run premium store in gaming right now period.
If you want to make money, sell actually new things. You seem to have missed the basics of milking whales when it comes to your fomo store.

I can’t wait for next store update to be another reskin.

Like damn this store is so poorly run it’s pro consumer from the point of it never actually selling anything worth buying and selling things you didn’t want the first time again to not buy them again refreshing at half the speed as every other fomo store on the market. (Woah guys a re-release and a reskin for reach class twice a month absolutely break neck)

It’s hilariously bad. It’s even more funny is that they release a major patch to bring players in to then try and capitalise on that not with something new but another re-release on the front page.



Yes, I am really fed up with the store. It rotates way too slow only to rotate back stuff we have already seen.

I wish the timer was like 48-72 hours instead of 2 weeks…

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Store is sad. I still have long-held aquilas burning a hole in my pocket.

I don’t share any of the sentiments that “recolors” aren’t worth selling, if people will buy them, when (and here’s my real point) it seems that people consider almost anything a recolor, even if it has unique components on it. But I’m also a For The Drip advocate, and I would looooove a dye system.

Still, if the game stays a one-time-purchase aside from dress up clothes, I think that’s great. Maybe the shop being so bad really is, as you suggest, Fatshark being The Good Guy by convincing most people not to buy anything.

The packs no longer having trinkets/weapon skins but being the same price is also a bummer, but again…free game for years? I suppose I’ll take it.

To wrap up: more penance/ordo cosmetics please.


Damn straight. If they stop trying to pull a fast one on us they might manage to pry my wallet open again.

For the time being, I don’t care what they put in the store. I ain’t buying it.

Get the rotation gone, rethink the prices using your inbuilt “is this actually worth 5 bucks?” detector, and get the older cosmetics issues fixed, then maybe we talk business again!


Another re-release with fewer bits than the first time around.*


I think the sad part is that there are so many different places they could draw inspiration from, the imperium is vast and there are a plethora of guard regiments, imperial groups, rogue traders, space marine guard groups and more.

Feudal Worlds and ones rules by imperial knights would also offer unique cosmetics and trinkets. Even then I wouldn’t be mad about recoloured camo if it wasn’t stupidly priced.

I’m mad because I’ve played so many different F2P games that got this formula right.


yeah don’t know if it’s FS fault or something with GW licensing.
The lifespan of V2 I only got 1 skin for my 2 mains because of lack of skindrops and something that looked good/fun.
It was a sluggish update to that shop and ingame currency was mostly same stuff with bits and bobs moved around or just recolors (same with DT tbh)
wouldn’t even see the recolors as a problem if there was more of them and you could choose colors and patterns

I don’t know if it’s because I just love the Tide games and feel so cool while flowing through them, but these games are the ones I want to get decked out in more than any other. Way more than any other games I’ve spent way-too-long in (including MMOs!).

But the drip in VT2 just dooooes not do it for me, and I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything (let alone get a single hat drop).

The style of cosmetics in DT is right up my alley tho! Sadly, the shop experience is like waiting for your mom to give you a ride to the store. But then you get there and you forgot they only get new stuff every other week.

But alas, I’m complaining about very expensive (even if they were 1/5th the cost) digital dress up clothes. I’m ready for more ordo cosmetics. Fingers crossed for part 2 of Traitor’s Curse.

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kinda whis they would gone with every skin is an unlock and mtx was colors, materials and patterns so you had a mix of accomplishment for unlocking stuff and keeping the servers and lights on from more personalized MTX.
or some season pass thingy to unlock new stuff ever so often
also would keep players engaged instead of the timesink rng craftingsystem.


A lot of people advocates for similar ideas. It would honestly make people dish out way more money. Whales could buy fancy colors and materials. Try hards like me would enjoy challenging unlocks.

If that was an option I wouldn’t even mind the occasional MTX scam set like Krieg. But then again FS always chose a quick profit over of a slow but steady one

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It’s like they’re actively trying to push away all but the most thoughtless consoomers. Spending what they’re asking on any of these cosmetics is such a plainly bad deal I don’t know how you end up buying this stuff unless you’re working purely on impulse.

Just mind boggling how there doesn’t even seem to be an attempt to appeal to anyone but whales.


I dunno, I don’t think I’m better or stronger than most people who buy things they definitely don’t need! At least these aren’t full of chemicals and covered in plastic. And they’re fun to look at.

Still too damn spense.

There are quite a few guard units I want to dress up as
Like I think one of the big appeals other than the stellar gameplay for dt is ability to actually play as your favourite guardsman regiments something over the past year has barely been capitalised on (steel legion, meme worthy krieg, steel legion reskin).

I totally get that, and could see that being the main appeal for others. I’m into Warhammer because of Tide, but I still get wanting to play out different power fantasies folks have been imagining while shuffling minis around for the last X decades.

I reckon, and I’m sure it’s probably been said, that that’s where some of the extra heat about cosmetics comes from: feeling like the 40k power fantasty stuff is something fundamental to the game that isn’t complete without the clothes.

I sympathize. But I also want to never spend another penny on video games if I can help it, so I’m torn!

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