Xbox - Sienna’s Beam Staff without Critical hits

Summary: After patch, beam staff isn’t causing critical hits when use normal attack (hold Rt) , and these skills doesnt work because it: Seething Embers (Pyromancer’s talents) and Resourceful Sharpshooter (beam staff ). Other problem with beam staff, hold Rt and press Lt many times in a row causes slowness or bug the Attack.
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High overcharge causes slowness in using weapons on pyromancer and battle wizard. That’s intended.

I know, but it happens at low level of overcharge.

I’m having the exact same problem. I use to run heat sink but it’s unusable and have switched to resourceful focusing on getting my cool down reduced. Instead of using the light attack, I use the shotgun for hordes and then clear over charge with ult. I thought it was just me, but on training dummy the sound effect of the crit is going on but it’s not showing in any other fashion

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I use the beam staff as well, but I’ve not noticed these issues. I mainly use the beam staff for the shotgun effect on hordes, then a short RT trigger then LT trigger for a strong sniper effect. Also, Flamebolt staff is amazing with heat sink, and high crit and attack speed build.

Jakegoldsmith, try to use Sienna Pyromancer with beam staff (resourceful sharpshooter) and see when you use attack (hold RT) if ranged critical hits reduces the remaining cooldown of your carrer skill

I’ll try that tonight when I get home. I dont really have a need for the ranged crit cooldown, as her ultimate comes back so fast.

it does not work on pc either, and it does not give temporary health :sob:

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Its too bad… :sob:

Skorpii0876 Did you create a topic about that?

Are you sure this is not the latest patch bug fix, beam no longer procs on first contact…

To stop the wigglemancer?

I forgot to test the beam staff on pyro, but I did test it on the battle wizard, and I noticed that Heat Sink does NOT work, and my BW is built the same as my Pyro.

But it works great on my Pyro. So alls good in world to me lol?

Same issue since last update.

No more crit shot with beamstaff on left attack.

A crit build just becames totally useless with this weapok.
Please fix it asap,.

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