Sienna: Heatsink not working for certain staves

Issue Summary:

Heatsink not functioning with beam staff, but apparently functions with other staves.

Tested multiple times across multiple staves in high crit builds. Beamstaff, and Flame Jet staff (To a lesser extent) seem to be affected.

This bug’s been around for a bit, pray-- I want my unlimited overheat for aiming at heads again.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. High Crit build on Pyromancer
  2. Aim at dummy
  3. Hot Hot HOT HOT–

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Rare (< 10%)
Unusual (< 25%)
Common (< 50%)
Often (< 75%)
Constant (100%) <—<a class=“attachment”

Additional Information:

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It is working, it refunds the cost instead of clearing some overheat, but the beam part only triggers on the second tick and so on. Flamestorm it’s not really working though, it will refund only on left clicks and crits do the same damage as normal hits but that’s a different story.

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