The Beam staff havin "all or nothing" crit is bad design

Right now you can cast beam until you crit, and then keep the beam up. Every tick is a crit, giving you temp HP and lowering Overheat (with traits/talents), so you can keep it on until you run out of enemies. It’s frankly stupid.


i did not notice that until u mention it , but i was wondering why the beam tick would not crit, so you dont have to “fish” for a crit" so yeah it seems awkward with this staff and some weapon enhancements, traits ect…

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I agree. It only makes sense for each individual hit to have a crit chance, instead of it going off of what the first hit was.


This is a side effect of how we currently handle crits and very much not intended for channeling effects such as the Beam/Flamethrower staff or Drakegun. We’ll look into it and get a fix out as soon as possible.

Thanks for reporting on the issue!



Hey while you’re at it, could you also find a way to make it more noticeable when you get a crit with these weapons? Right now there is no way to tell with the beam staff unless you are shooting the dummies and look at the numbers.

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