Xbox overley = console chrash

This issue i want to point out here is in the game since i started playing v2 Last year and its pretty annoying .

Going to the xbox overley during youre in the game, the keep or in a mission got a high chance to make you’re game and even you’re xbox chrash .

First it freezes then you cant do anything and you’re console shuts down and you cant even restart it with the controller anymore you need to push the start button on the console itself otherwise it won’t boot.

I play on one x but I got friends that play on the normal xbox one that got the same issue.

This failure is pretty annoying since you need to use the overlay when you want to invite ppl to youre party or game and want to do other things on you’re xbox while in game like screenshots or recording and stuff.

I know the console team have probably much to atm with winds of magic but it would be nice to hear at least something like you gonna work on this after the release .

Me and my friends where really patience with this one but it really starts to freak me and other ppl out and I’m not sure if it’s good for my console when it gots shut down so often this way…

I’m from Germany but I played with ppl from all over EU and USA that know this problem as well.

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Sorry to hear this - I’ve passed your report on to our Console Developers.

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