Server Error, cannot connect to the game server, please try again later (XBOX One)

Had been a few months since played the game, saw there was new DLC so purchased Winds of Magic without even seeing if the game was still working correctly before purchase. Have not been able to load the game outside of offline since coming back to the game and after purhcase, so roughly a week for me. Have deleted save files, deleted all game files off the console, re-installed everything on the console, reset all game options, still get nowhere but the error about connecting to game server.

I am experiencing no other problems with online games on the XBOX, the NAT is open, have even tried adding the XBOX to the DMZ on the router with no joy. Cleared cache/aka unplugged XBOX for long period of time, all to no avail. Game loads up perfectly fine in offline and whilst never used the offline mode once before, it did pull in my online content perfectly fine. Played the first bit of the Winds of Magic in offline just to make sure that worked OK… I’m at my wits end here as I do not see any other folk saying XBOX/Console servers are having issues such as me, it’s just a nuisance now, and it seems like something is very wrong Mayflies.

Gamertag on the XBOX is Mullo if that helps, can’t really think of any other information I can provide that would be of use outside of what is already explained.

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Oh no! Looks like the error is occurring as a result of data corruption in your profile - I’ve asked our Backend Engineer to sort this out, but he won’t be in until Monday. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you for the reply, I will check some stage later tomorrow or during the week to see if it gets resolved, there is no huge rush now I know at the very least it wasn’t an issue on my end that I could resolve myself.

This should now be resolved.

Just booted up the game there and can confirm the issue has been fixed, just incase you need to sign off on it being resolved etc… Thanks again for the quick help, and the same goes to Backend Engineer

Same issue here aswell

Is this whats wrong with my account also?


Yes indeed, same issue. Sorry about that - I’ve passed your GamerTag on to our Backend Engineer and you can expect to see this resolved by the end of the workday tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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thank you so much

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