More PS4 issues

I play on PS4, always offline. All updates are installed, but I did not purchase Winds of Magic. I already posted a few days ago about the game crashing EVERY time I attempt to exit ANY map through the Bridge of Shadows. Today, when starting the game, I was notified that my settings were unable to load and was prompted to reset them. I did, and it took me through the tutorial again. Upon completion of the tutorial, the game took me to the keep with only the base careers available and all heroes at level 1. (I had unlocked all careers and all heroes were around level 12.). I selected level 1 mercenary Kruber and the game froze. I restarted it, but all of my progress is still missing. Please respond, as I still haven’t received a response to my first post.

Sorry, I see we must’ve missed your last post.

Could you please PM me your PSN ID? I can then pass this on to one of our Console Developers to look in to.

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