[PS4] Spoils of War Character Locking Bug

I’ve encountered a strange bug several times now while in Taal’s Horn Keep.

It seems to be centred around the Spoils of War chest, trying to open it in some specific instance (I think it’s when a host is selecting a new mission) will instead lock me in place, unable to move or attack, only execute a career ability or look around. I cannot select another character or career, if I try to so, the game becomes unresponsive and I am booted out of the career selection menu.

If I accept a mission while in this state (which I am able to do, I just can’t actually move to the Bridge of Shadows), I am forced to close the application on the PS4 home menu because I cannot access the in-game menu quit out, it will not open. Or the host will close the game.

This has happened several times now, I will try to find a way to attach a video of the problem, as I have one.

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