XBox One not able to get past Prologue

I only recently installed this using Xbox Game Pass. I can play through the prologue just fine, but as soon as I take the elevator up and leave the underground area and then proceed into the bubble the mage has waiting on us, the prologue just ends and takes me back to the main menu.

I’ve done the whole process 3 times and no matter what I do, once I hit that bubble, I’m out. I’m also not credited with completing the prologue (I have no real clue if that’s the end or not) and so I cannot use the Start Game option, I can only do Prologue again and change the settings.

I could not find any reference to something like this anywhere. Is this a known issue?


This isn’t a known issue no, we can see if we can manually mark the prologue as complete on your account - could you PM me your Xbox Gamertag please?

Edit: Actually, is the installation still in progress?

I don’t seem to be able to PM you. I went to messages and do not have a Compose, and I went to your profile and see no way to message you directly. How do I do that? Thanks.

No, the installation has completed. I’ll PM you that info now. Thanks.

Oh, I’ve upped your permissions level so you should be able to PM me now.

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