Vermintide 2. Can’t get past prologue?

Hi. I just got this game and have completed the prologue a number of times but can’t start the actual game? I just get taken back to the start again?

Hi @Richielb,

Are you able to quit the Prologue from the menu and return to the game menu screen?

Also, curious, are you playing on ‘Official’ realm? (this can be set via the Vermintide 2 launcher settings)

Hey, thanks for the quick reply. I cant “select” start game, only Prologue?
I can’t figure put how to launch in official?

When you launch Vermintide 2, from the launcher next to the ‘Play’ button it is possible to choose either ‘Offial realm’ or ‘Modded realm’ - ensure you have ‘Official realm’ selected here.

Hi. I am playing on Xbox. None of what you said seems to be an option?! :slight_smile:

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If you start the prologue, and immediately pause and select “leave mission” : what happens ?

Apologies @Richielb, I didn’t realize you are playing on Xbox! Please ignore my previous comments.

To echo Saryk above, if you ‘Leave mission’ from the Prologue what happens then?

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