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Good evening

Unfortunately, the game does not start for me. Unfortunately I can not play the game despite the new installation of the Anti-Cheat program and the deactivation of Asus Aura. The mistake is not just to be one, because it is different from the number again and again.

When I start the game via Steam, I’m about to the setting for the brightness / sound, then crashes the game.

I’m beginning to have no idea what else I could do.
Maybe you can help me.

Greetings Calarash

GUID: 3967441b-dec2-41bc-94e8-e69a79f1b53d
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I would recommend that you uninstall Vermintide 2, delete your AppData (important!), restart your machine and subsequently reinstall. You can delete your AppData by:

  1. Press Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to \AppData\Roaming\Fatshark
  4. Delete the entire ‘Vermintide 2’ directory

Please be aware that this will remove any custom configurations, and may prompt you to re-run the prologue. Sorry!

Afterwards, please restart your machine and reinstall Vermintide 2.

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