Wrong achivement introduced for Enchanter's lair

Just like for old haunts the wrong achievement has been activated for Lair, haunts was fixed pretty fast though.

Once again 2 nonsensical achievements, not killing any chaos minions is a clear mistake, the second not taking damage from eruption could be legit, not sure about that one tbh.

Not killing chaos mobs seems pretty far-fetched but it might be possible given how they die to the AOE.

As for the achivement of not taking damage from said AOE…well this one is reasonable to a degree? Everyone just have to be really good at dodging and it should be doable without much issue… Once the boss loses his ability to send people flying uncontrollably across the room seemingly at random during his melee phase that is.

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pretty far fetched indeed, has to be another mistake.

I think both are intentional. I can also confirm that both achievements are working in contrast to the Old Haunts achievement which were introduced by mistake.

However, I can not imagine that the “Do not kill Chaos Enemies” will be doable on anything else than Recruit or maybe Veteran.

The “No Eruption” achievement is a bit more straightforward but still unnecessary hard on higher difficulties so again doing them on Recruit will be the main choice.

But yes, technically they are working and can be unlocked.

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Oh it’s possible, it’s just really annoying and I can’t imagine trying it on Legend/Cata.
I completed it on Veteran with a friend of mine, can honestly say it’s the worst experience I’ve had in Vermintide.

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wow, why would they force people into boring stuff??? time to play recruit 4 me then, i hope this artwork is amazing.

edit: ok did the achivements, really bad stuff. I love the map though