Nurgloth the Eternal

After having browsed the forums already and seeing that it is an acknowledged topic, I’m once more bringing to attention the invincible Nurgloth bug happening during the event. Plenty of days left under the sun, but time is kinda ticking now, and I have been unable to get the achievement for a while now because of it. Hoping for a fix soon so that I’m able to actually do it. Tried on difficulties Recruit to Champion, no dice.

EDIT: So, yeah, tried today and it worked. Maybe there was a patch or something or I just got lucky. Can’t say I changed anything. Ran it on Champion, bobs your uncle. Good luck folks!


Far as i heard the bug was only ever 100% present on veteran and i got it done on champion without issue too.

Well no issue except having to fight nurgloth that is, i really do not like him : (

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I did it on Legend with some randos - worked fine there. I don’t think you can say that it is not doable in this case.

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Is this going to get fixed before the event is done or what?

It’s cool it’s only certain difficulties, but for a limited time event to have a bug like this still not being fixed seems pretty stupid

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