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With my group, we are trying to complete some remaining challenges. I am at 210/220 mission challenges and I still have the one where I must not “kill enemies” during the Nurgloth boss event, problem that does not work! We got bored, clearly for hours, trying to do recruit bosses for nothing, BECAUSE the challenge does not proceed. We tested everything, even the fact of not doing a “push” because when you push an enemy in the AOE of nurgloth, the enemy is considered to be killed by the player. So hours wasted for nothing. It’s very very frustrating, especially for players who are looking to finish all the challenges and who still have more than 1500 hours of play.

I hope that a moderator will see this message, that one will answer me and help me with that.


Yea this challenge is awful and shouldn’t have released like this, it’s frustrating and time consuming trying to not only do the challenge, but also to find out what qualifies for it to even work.

And what works to finish it?

Literally anything that damages an enemy will fail the challenge so pushing should normally be fine. (Note that shield bashes deal damage, so only pushing)
But you really have to watch out for those fly swarms from Nurgloth since shooting those can apparently damage enemies near the swarm as it dies. So just don’t shoot the swarms, ever.

(I’ve done this challenge only once months ago and I will never do it again)

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Definitely because of the flies so … thanks!

Shortly before they released this they have changed the way the killfeed works. The game assigns a kill to the last player which interacted with an enemy - that includes pushes (probably damage, i don’t remember) and any kind of stagger. So, to win this challenge you need 4 people (bots go for kills) and nobody can push ever in that fight, nor use any staggering ability (like many ultimates) or even the IB gromril curse passive.
We tried so many times - failing - on recruit, until a player said that he’d go in solo as huntsman. we all had unfortunate accidents before the bossfight, so he was solo when he went there. He didn’t ress us, he did it all by dodging the enemies only. He would inivisibility blunderbuss nurgloth (being careful not to hit anybody else. the trash mobs would die from the fires, but that’s ok if you didn’t interact with them.
Truly awful. But this had been reported in FS’ book for a year and they didn’t change it, so… either wait, or try something similar.

The last 2 challenges I did are cata screaming bell (also aknowledged as a bug, it procs at the bridge, but you might do it as HM with a conc potion) and cata convocation. That’s not broken, just hard atm. I did it with a friend and 2 bots.

PS when an accomplished group of cata players can’t finish a challenge on recruit you know it’s not just design, it’s not working as intended


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