Vermintide 2 - Has anyone experienced issues with the Hostile Work Environment commendation?

I’m just curious if anyone else has experienced issues completing this commendation. I’ve tried to do this three times now without success each time. Is it difficulty specific? Does pushing ads make the game count their deaths as my kills?

I have a mod that tells me when I’ve killed something. So I know for sure I’m not accidentally killing anything I shouldn’t be.

It’s the pushing part, yeah

It has to be more than that. I just ran it with my usual Legend team several times. Everyone swears they didn’t kill or push any ads.

If Gromril’s curse get’s activated on Ironbreaker that counts too. Even Handmaiden’s dash, Zealot’s dash and Slayer’s jump will give some amount of knockback (with HM dash having the lowest; not counting the obvious staggering movement ults of Footknight and Battle Wizard). To have this work out super safe you best get HM, Footknight with his block cost reduction aura and also having everyone taking additional 30% bcr. Just stand behind a pillar in a line with block up and wait for his phase to begin, and only start attacking him when he drops to his knees, when hopefully all adds have been killed. This takes a bit more time of course.
It took my team 3 tries too, first try one accidentely pushed one enemy, second time a fanatic walked into the backstabbing shade and eating the attack meant for Nurgloth, 3rd time worked like a charm.

To avoid any bots or teammates accidentally screwing the Nurgloth challenges up, I just did it solo on Recruit killing my bots at the respawning explosive barrel at that event halfway through and not picking them up. It was a pain but I found it the easiest way to guarantee I could be the only one accidentally screwing it up.

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It was probably the dash then. One of my friends was playing HM. They weren’t using the bleed talent so I though nothing of it.

I was originally trying to solo it and did just fine aside from not thinking that pushing would be an issue. I eventually got it done as a duo with a friend.

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I started out by trying to solo it. My AI director is umgak and kept spawning rot helms and knights that I just couldn’t manage (on Recruit no less).

I used the barrel as well. I found it was a lot easier with one other friend to kite the bots though.

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