New achivements for old haunts introduced by mistake?

Nonsensical achievements + they do not work. Seems to be left over stuff mistakenly activated with the new map.



Is there a chance they will get added anyway? At least the one for the Wine Cellar. Because it is a really really large area most players will most likely visit …… once. This way we had at least a reason to go there a second time. That is an increase in 100 %.

Which is the wine cellar one?

Can’t check right now, but I think it was something like killing Blightstormers inside the Wine Cellar. Nothing to fancy. Maybe it is similar to the Assassin Challenge in Horn of Magnus but far easier because of the cast time where they can be killed easily. Unless there are 20 Blightstormers or they come with a horde.

I think it was killing a blightstormer(s) in the vineyard not the wine cellar

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Hmmmmmmmm. Yea, that may be possible. Then it is my mistake. But where is the vineyard actually?

it’s at the start of the map to the far right. there is a huge field containing a vineyard


There was an 937.1kb update just now, and it removed the 5 new Old Haunts challenges.

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