[Suggestion] Wine bottles

Hello. I’ve personally enjoyed the two new maps a lot. So much love and work put into all the little assets and details. The hidden wine bottles are fun for collecting once for the challenge, but after that they turn useless. There’s a lot of them in the map and in majority of cases there’s no point to picking them up unless you aim to get them all in a single run. So I got a few suggestions:

  • New challenge that tracks overall bottles collected as a party across multiple playthroughs. 100 maybe. So it feels rewarding to collect a bottle when you stumble across some while not really looking for them.

  • Give some motivation to pick them even if you’ve done the challenge. Best would be that you could trade the bottles before the last chapel fight. Maybe an alchemist table where the bottles you found turn into potions? Maybe Olysia is there and she will trade your bottles for incendiary grenades or exploding barrels? Maybe the bottles are laid before the last door and players can drink them for a couple second lasting buffs? How about you could pick up empty bottles and throw them?

  • Maybe a not so serious suggestion: Collect a few in a short period and your character enters the drunken tavern mode for some laughs. Make the time between the bottles needed to get fully loaded short enough that this doesn’t happen involuntarily and gradually start blurring the screen when you drink to indicate to the player that this is happening.

Something to avoid:

  • No exp reward for collecting. There should never be a feel that you are required to pick the bottles. It would get tedious pretty fast. People get annoyed easily when they find out they’ve missed exp.

Thank you!

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