Can't complete the Old Vintage achievement on the Old Haunts map

This is the achievement for collecting 15 wine bottles. The first one is just to the right of the town gate, you can just barely see it through a crack in the door. However I can’t figure out how to open the door, in all of the guides I read you just walk up to the door and stab it causing a barrel on the other side to explode and open the door. But I’ve tried 3 times so far and there is no barrel or the door is now blocking my hits. I even tried searching the rest of the level for grenades to throw at the door and that didn’t work either.

That’s odd. Since you mention ‘stabbing it’, perhaps you’re simply missing a spot? Have you tried a different weapon with swipe attack pattern instead?

Just retried it: still works as in the guides. Aim for the right side of the door, there’s the barrel. You can hear when it’s burning before exploding.

I just completed that one by bombing the door.

You can also shoot it through a crack in the wall before entering the town (point of no return drop down).

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Thanks for the tips, I managed to reach the barrel using a spear. I think the dual axes I tried the first time didn’t have enough reach.

The crack in the wall is definitely the intended way to hit the barrel but I had no idea it was there until I was already inside.