Enchanter's Lair soft lock

On Enchanter’s Lair at the midway event where you have to bring the barrel to blow up the obstruction, it is very possible and easy to throw the barrel up top where you drop down and effectively soft lock the map. The barrel will never respawn unless it blows up and there is no line of sight to the barrel, I think the only way would be with a bomb or maybe conflag staff.

I honestly don’t know how I haven’t seen this come up before but I accidentally did it when I threw the barrel up earlier before my team dropped down, but no one blew it up before dropping. There should probably be an invisible one-way wall there so it can’t happen.


Probably because you’d have to almost intentionally be that bad… would almost have to increase floor drop to just make it impossible but meh seems okay to me.

Well, there are a lot of players that would do stuff like that intentionally. It is stupid that it exists in the first place, there’s no reason it should be possible.

Also I haven’t checked if this is possible with other events. One that comes to mind is Horn of Magnus midway event.

Would have to lower the floor or make it detonate when going up there no sense… best solution would be to change spawn point to far end of room. Guess it could be done with Hunger in Dark with alot of back tracking. but thats some high effort trolling

It’s true these take effort, but also once the damage is done it’s pretty much a forced restart. You can kick that player, but the barrel is already gone.

With the barrel jump throw I don’t think lowering the spawn floor would be enough.

I’m really confused. Why did you throw the barrel up on the balcony in the first place?

I never knew this was possible but whenever I have played Enchanter’s Lair, people tend to throw the barrel in the direction of the door that needs exploding.

I didn’t think about how it could lock the event up. I just did it because my teammates were up there fighting horde at the time and I thought why not throw a barrel? I don’t think the reason matters anyways to be perfectly honest, I’m just reporting a very easy soft lock.

Also I want to point out Fort Brackenboorbler has protection for this built in to the finale. If the cannonball falls off the edge, it respawns.


It didn’t on launch. The cannonball used to get stuck under the floor, in the walls, and fall off the edge of the fort when trying to throw it by the cannon. No one did this on purpose. The cannonball just didn’t have the proper collision properties.

I… just don’t know what to say to this…

This map has been out since March-ish and never ran into anyone who thought it was a good idea to throw an event specific barrel outside of the event on purpose. :man_facepalming:

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Look dude, I just don’t see how why it happened has any bearing on me making this post. It doesn’t matter at all why I did it, what matters is I’m making this post to try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


Oh, that’s easy! Don’t throw an event barrel outside of the event :smiley:

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Do you understand how worthless your replies are?


there’s also another “soft lock” where a stormfiend can decide to just leave the map (happened to me around the blood pool area after the first drop)

the stormfiend just climbed on out of the map and didn’t come back…We waited, literally, for 5 minutes before deciding to just leave and move on to another run


This is a perfect example of a game breaking bug that’s out of the control of the player. Definitely needs to be fixed.

Also, this happens on Empire in Flames if you get a Stormfiend spawn in the tunnel area to the left of the first tome…

tbf the barrel should respawn if it should somehow end up in an untenable spot

although I can understand why such an issue would’ve been overlooked since it’s pretty unlikely


The map has been out almost a year. How many people have thrown barrels outside of the event in Enchanter’s Lair? Do devs really need to waste time on that when there are far more pressing issues to fix?

I hate for this to come off as rude but serves him right he soft locked his own game. I’ve never seen anyone purposely throw an event specific barrel out of the event before in this game. Now if the barrel fell through the floor, that’s a different story. That’s out of the player’s control.

Fatshark has limitations on what they can patch and they sure cannot patch player’s actions in the game.

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Let’s put it this way.

What if everytime you jump into an event, there is a 0,1% chance it will soft lock and you won’t be able to progress and cause a restart?

Shouldn’t this be high priority? Yes the chances are low, but once it happens, the result is horrible to the player experience.

When making priority lists, you have to keep in mind the encounter rate, the size of the bug (aka, soft locking), and compare. If there is a 1% chance for when you reroll your item gets deleted, then the impact is way higher then the encounter rate. This bug would take priority over fixing, let’s say: wrong voicelines being said that occur a 100% of the time. Atleast for me, fatshark might have their priorities different.


I think the bile troll still has a flame ogre sound cue…since when ever i first reported it… its so normal now its muscle memory.

I’d say this soft lock is .0000001% chance

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Thank you for crunching the numbers for us

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The reason i bought up 0.1% was to show that it doesn’t really matter how much it can happen. If it’s a bug with a big impact, even a little chance is worth to make it a top priority.

Ofcourse big impact bugs with more encounter rate are obviously even higher priority.

The numbers i used are ofcourse examples to help bring my point across.


Yeah I dont know why this is becoming a debated topic.
If theres a chance that a mechanic in the game can result in players not being able to progress in the level, then that mechanic needs to be removed or reworked.