Enchanter's Lair

Crash when he enters a phase later in the fight where he flies and swings his weapon.

Could be because he has no business defying gravity.

Another crash while friend was hosting too.

crash_dump-2020-03-24-12.37.25-e029add5-1c0e-4ad6-bd91-637c155f9e02.dmp (530.8 KB)

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Ironbreaker with Gromril Armor Curse equipped?


Yes, on both crashes.

Yeah the armor is eating the boss knockback and creating a booboo. We’re fixing it.


There’s also a stuck spot in the room after the trap at the start. It’s the far left corner if you stand at the portcullis facing inwards.

You can jump out, but it still makes you do the weird hover thing, until you get a weird angle.

I’ve encountered this bug as well. Had an Ironbreaker in the party with Gromril Armor equiped on both runs where it was encountered.

It doesn’t seem to be Gromril Armor, but rather Gromril Curse that does it… Normal Gromril Armor hit absorption didn’t do it for me.

Yep that’s true. Thanks for expanding on that :slight_smile:


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