Gromril Armor (Iron Beaker trait) is broken

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Dec 10, 2021 (new slatsypre class added)
Plz help, Bardin is so weak without it.
the Gromril armor never actievates, and attacks rip through HP while Gromril Armor is active.
It didn’t activate for 2 runs.

video link here

edit. i’d like to add and clarify that gromnil armor works, but when I was playing earlier it just broke. I did not know what I did but the moment it broke, the trait didn’t work for two helmgart missions. Came back to palying now and it’s working but it might happen again.


Perhaps a weird interaction with Warrior Priest - either his ult or one of his talents.

I am starting to think that is it.
I’ve had multiple games with a warrior priest and Gromril Armor breaks with them.
I tried walking through a map by myself with AI (i dont have Salt DLC yet) and Gromril Armor donut break.

Confirmed. Same issue here.

I have tested a little bit.
The issue pops up when you are joining a game instead of hosting.
When you are not hosting, it will only trigger once. Once the perk SHOULD be back, you just take damage instead and the perk stays “active”.

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Yeah I had the same issue just before. I originally thought that to (that it was the warrior priest). But it happens to me even without warrior priest. I believe what miningmanna posted is correct as it acts normally when i host. And when i join a match (regardless of whether a warrior priest is in the match), this issue happens.

In addition to what you said. It also will work once after being picked up from death (being revived from downed doesnt reactivate it however).

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Man ironbreaker cant get a break with the amount of bugs that have occured recently. There is a similar bug where his vengeance talent doesnt work either. However I think that is unrelated to this bug as the vengeance trait doesnt activate even when gromrils armour does.


Tested with no Warrior Priest, still had the same bug four games in a row.

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Just since there hasn’t been an update yet. The issue has been resolved in patch 4.5.1

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