Not a bug but games should not end if barkskin is about to save the dwarf

example here

More than enough health left to wait for barkskin to get me up. but riiiight before it triggers, the game decides we’ve already lost.

fatshark please

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Wait do you mean Gromril Curse?


It was reported few times already

Yeah not barkskin the gromril throwing off enemies when it triggers. Old thing, not really a bug I agree.

Ironbreaker killed 63 specials, like 40 more than the other team members. The biggest problem may have been that you were carrying the team, but I also hate it when I see gromil armor about to activate, and I the game ends. As a tank, you’re often the last one left in a shitstorm scenario.


I noticed the killcount too! 63 kills with a handgun tells me others were not targeting specials at all.



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