Gromril Curse: don't end the mission until it's really over

Posted this to reddit and was advised to post it here as well.

Here’s the situation: I’m playing Ironbreaker and I’m running the Gromril Curse talent. Two of my teammates are either down or out of action and my other teammate and I get hooked by packmasters. My passive is still on cooldown but the packmaster is dragging me away from the fight and I still have green HP. Realistically I could still survive this engagement if I stay in the green until my passive procs and Curse frees me from the disabler. Unfortunately we get the “defeated” screen before that can happen.

Fatshark, can you make it so we don’t lose until there is legitimately zero chance of us surviving? It’s not just Gromril Curse that can free you either; friendly fire from monsters and other specials can either knockback or kill disablers thus freeing you from their grasp. In cases where you’re disabled, but not technically down (by which I mean you’re not into red HP yet), I’d suggest a 20 second timer from the time you get disabled before you actually lose the mission and if you go into the red before then, the mission should just end as normal. Either that or just wait until all players are officially in the red before giving us the “defeated” screen.


Not sure I agree actually.

I think its more likely that the host will rage quit than have to watch for like 20 seconds as the defeat is grinded in our faces on the off chance that something just might gives one of us a new shot at it.

But it could just be me.

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I’m not sure you’re grasping how rare a situation like this would be. In order for it to last the entire 20 seconds it would have to be a packmaster (leeches and gutter runners kill you quicker than that), you 2 would have to be alone with no other enemies around, and you’d have to have a decent chunk of health remaining.

If the host is gonna rage quit in a situation like that, well then he’s doing you a favor since you no longer have to carry his pouty self anymore. Someone over on reddit brought up a similar point and I suggested that maybe a change like this could also include a “cowards way out” forfeit where you can choose to end the game if it’s clear there’s nothing around that can free you. But again, it’d be a rare situation that you’re hooked and you either can’t be freed or you don’t die quickly.


+1. This is not limited to Gromril Curse too. I’ve experienced being freed from a hookrat or gutter runner by a friendly ratling gunner, only to have the game end. I’ve seen this happen to bots too.

What if I am the host?

Not that rare - I remember at least two of these situations in my short IB career. The rarer it is, the more zesty and fun it would be to actually recover from it and make a last second save. Isn’t thet the kind of heroic stuff that empowers the players? The actual game rules allow it - its just the AI director should be less impatient.


Then the players may rage quit.

They do it all the time anyway, doesn’t mean I have to ruin the run. Who needs mates anyway?

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Funnily enough, this happened to me last night and I was tempted to start a topic on it as I encountered a very specific situation where i was hooked the moment I killed the last enemy in the area and was then dragged around for a while and lost, despite having nearly full health. I think just extending the time it takes the game to register a defeat would help with the situation and the rarity of the situation makes it a pretty fun mechanic, especially when a hookrat or assassin is shot off by a ratling gun.

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