Elevators with Ranalds bomb are automatic run enders

Play weekly event with ranalds bomb.
Get a map with a long elevator ride
Automatically lose

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Yeah this has been flagged a good number of times now. I think it’s just realistically too far down the priority list to get addressed anytime soon if at all. If they’re not gonna do anything about it though they should probably just remove this one from the pool, significantly nerf the damage it does or reduce the frequency. I imagine those would be much quicker coding fixes than disabling it specifically on elevators which would be the ideal fix. Possibly talking out my ass here though as I know little about coding.

Don’t know. In many cases this may be right. But there are at least some work arounds. Gromril’s curse should give you enough defense plus the skip one hit to survive the elevator rides. What I usually do is playing FK with Numb to Pain. You just have to dash in the right moment and survive without issues.

That’s not a very good work around when it only applies to a handful of careers/loadouts. Seems hard to argue that the current interaction with elevators isn’t extremely problematic overall.

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Sure, I know that. Just wanted to point it out anyway. I would overhaul weekly events anyway in a larger scale.

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Could also kill your 3 teammates and get on it solo.I’m not saying that it should stay as is,there is still a workaround to not getting your run ended by it.

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