Enchanter's lair - Fall trap bug


Had a few Cata games today in Enchanters Lair.
And I “accidently” knocked on the door before the elf got in and so she was locked out. We fell down as usual and she was stuck up there and succumbed to assassins.

If not clear already, I am talking about the part very close to starting point, when you knock on the door and fall down this fall trap.

I tried it out ~6 times in a row and every time I was able to do it. (but canceled shortly before completion after a few successfull attempts for my mate’s sake)
The only thing that’s different is that this doorbell-thingy is not glowing white.
It still says “Wait for Teammates”

Pretty sure it’s a bug… Or is this “wait for Teammates” more a recommendation?

It was 100% repeatable and I never had to do any sort of gimmicks.

I’ll try to follow up with a video if I find a willing person.

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Got a video:
I hope the Video Upload Provider is any good…
Streamable isn’t working… So here is YouTube:

A big Thank you to my guinea pigs for bearing with me!

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