Enchanters Lair map bugs

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After 2 days of playing the new map, Enchanter’s Lair, I’ve had 3 minor issues.

  1. In the large open room where there is a barrel that must be moved to explode the door, up above in the side room the minions spawn and I saw them “flying” through the air instead of running on the ground. I suspect this occurs when they do not fall through the hole correctly?

This is the room (unfortunately picture does not show the issue):

  1. In the atrium area where an ammo box sometimes spawns, and a boss sometimes spawn, a chaos spawn fell through the floor. We had it tagged and it appeared to hit the bottom of the level.

See video:

  1. Near the beginning of the level close to where the grim is by the pit, a Stormfiend spawned. As Stormfiend’s do, he ran away around the side going towards the grim. Our team left deciding to abandon killing him. We dropped down a place of no return, and hit a boss wall. The Stormfiend seemed unable to find us and we were forced to abandon that game.
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I rescind my objection to #1. This happens on any maps due to sync issues, and is not a bug.

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