First Tome jump of Festering Grounds

In 1.0.8 beta, they fixed the first tome in the cave so that you can’t grab it from underneath any more. Can you please tweak the jump a little so that it doesn’t have to be a perfectly timed, pretty-much-having-to-jump-off-thin-air jump to get it? Both ways of jumping is time consumingly precise, even as host.

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Considering the 2nd grim forces you to combat poor texture work (invisible walkway) I think they should either let you walk along the far edge all the way around or jump over, and tweak it ever so slightly. The tome that is.

The castle drachenfels crate jump over the gap to get the grim was more obscure and easier to figure out consistently than this jump because you practically have to jump right before you fall with barely any forgiving edges. I’ve made the tome jump a number of times, it’s just very inconsistent…

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I love that brick hitbox in Drachenfels.

Yeah, this tome jump isn’t impossible, just has a tiny, tiny window for jumping. Maybe a plank sticking off the edge or a brick even.

Edit: Welp, I just remembered something: you can jump on the rubble -> on to the railing and it makes the jump 100 times easier. I guess that’s the price of not having done the jump for a few months.


A lot of the weird geometry hitbox issues showed up in VT1 around the time they started optimizing for console release. It seemed like they were making the meshes (or whatever the correct word is) more simplistic in order to run better on the console specs, which caused a loss of fidelity.

My guess is they’re starting to do the same here in VT2 and the same issue is occurring.

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If you use the ladder in front of the bridge to climb up, move some meters till you reach the jump spot. Jump onto the wood-fence. It´s not a problem to jump to the tome then.

I never failed that jump right now.