Grimoir Empire in Flames

The one on the single brick where you have to jump on a cart on chests on a lamp on a brick on a wall and another bricks…
Most stupid GRIMOIR ever… sry this need to be changed a little bit. It often takes so stupidly long to get it for the group .
and while you try the chances raise to get special enemys or tides.


i take pride on achieving the jumps on the first try.

similar to being able to fend off an entire horde and specials by myself, or learning how to fight burblespeu halescourge so that the fight is real easy, or telling the party not to advance when there’s a horde call

everything in this game is a learning journey, i don’t see what’s the difference is in this particular grim.

in fact, i like this grim because it lets you train and understand the finer points of jumping and character control. just like missing a dodge by one inch can kill you.

solution: learn the jumps so YOU can get it quick, and then your party won’t be hindered at all


I consider myself a good player. And a precise “jumper”. Maybe i need more practise on this one, but its way different to the others in my opinion. A little to much of “duckjumping” between 2 bricks and stuff :confused:
But maybe as a dwarf i have other collisionbox !? dont know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think the EiF 2nd grimoire requires a bit of an unintuitive approach: The jump is made most consistently by hugging the wall and letting it guide you to the post. It seems that, in stark contrast to reality, in VT2 friction with the wall actually gives you more momentum instead of reducing it.

I gotta go with OP here. How does this serve us? This is an adventure game where we’re killing hundreds of enemies, dodging like champions, killing huge monsters and leaders of armies. But if you want the best loot that you spend the rest of level trying not to die for, you gotta do a bunch of weird jumps where only your toes are on the surface and the rest of your team is fighting off enemies so you can grab it. I never even try to get that Grim anymore. Forget it, I’ll do that entire map with one Grimoire just so I don’t have to do a ridiculous platformer section.

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