Please Adjust the Geometry for the Festering Ground Grim #2 Jump or Remove the Fall Damage

I’ve practiced this jump and can do it as reliably as can be expected for a non-tank who rarely has the opportunity to go for the grim in real play but this should really be adjusted anyways… Grimoires already punish you for picking them up. We shouldn’t be further punished just for trying to get one from a location wherein we can be even further punished if the ai director decides to hate-spawn multiple gankers or if the grim grabber gets stuck and has to rejoin.

Please either improve the geometry to make the jump/drop less obnoxious or eliminate the fall damage incurred on a failed jump. There’s no other grim like this in either game.


I can do it right 90% of the time now but more often than not the awkward invisible textures of the stairs (this is the case on some areas in Skittergate as well) make you feel like you should be ‘‘free’’ from the floor at certain points, and you start anticipating on it, only to find yourself running forward in midair and then falling off past or short of the droppoint.

It’s really awkward because of that, because I feel like I’m more trying to fight the textures at that point than actually trying to get the jump right.


Yeah. It makes me loathe the map altogether, honestly.

I’m with you, I think it’s the most frustrating jump because of the fall damage. Maybe just another ledge below it 1/2 of the way down to fall on in the event of a miss?

This 2nd grim is actualy easy to get…

Do not jump ! …press left alt to walk, then just slowly pass the edge… 100% sucess, gg

Yeah but as stated, the ease isn’t the issue it’s just the fact people can/do take considerable fall damage with regulatory, which makes this grim excessive.

The weirdest part of this drop is that you have to defy physics a bit to even get on there. Changing your trajectory mid-air is not intuitive since you don’t have a jetpack or something along those lines to do such a thing.

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There’re a few ways to attack it but, yeah, they’re all dumb. I feel like that adjacent ledge should be close enough to jump over to it from or something instead. It’s already a well hidden grim.

will try this!

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