Empire in flames, jump puzzles challenge gone

Well I’ll start with: “It’s nice that they are easier”
And follow on with: “It would be nice if they were still a little challenging.”

I mean I know I worked hard to be able to do them quickly, and they were hard, but I’d love to see slightly shorter bits of wood rather than the obvious staircase that’s there now. (in both cases)

Just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Look, I am here to slay rats and filthy northlanders, not to spend 5 mins on clunky first person platfomers.
Besides, the challenge of the grims is to carry them to the end, not repeatedly trying to jump on a beam and failed(looking at you, 1st grim on the War Camp).


I get that too… but what is there now, well the grim might as well be on the street.

As for the one you mention, I’m quite surprised that post did not get lowered a little.

I’m not suggesting a return to what they were.

I agree completely. The clunkier ones were terribly frustrating, to the point where I just ignored those locations and let someone else deal with them. I’m quite happy these jumping puzzles were simplified.

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They what? That’s just ridiculous. Jumping puzzles are part of the grim run risks (wasting time, triggering hordes w/e on this one). There’s a certain satisfaction to be had from nailing them consistently and they keep the noob teammates from rushing them. Same as in vmt1.
To all of you liking changes like this, git gud.

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Agree! I spent the time to learn to do them on the first try when they were difficult, so it’s sad seeing them get nerfed when that wasn’t really necessary.

I liked when the jump was almost trivial by using obscure, non-intuitive game mechanics, so when I effortlessly made the jumps other people would go “ooh” and “aah” in awe in front of their monitors.

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