Stop with the stupid puzzles

The new challenges just make already crap maps even worse, do something more interesting or objective based than more stupid jumping puzzles. Okri’s Stash and Birds eye view for example aren’t fun or difficult, they are tedious and annoying. The first set of legend challenges were great on the other hand.

I dont know a single person that has said that they enjoy platform parkour style elements in FPS games.

Plus, the parkour sequences are poorly executed in V2. Very poorly.

I hate that part of the game and I am not alone.

Somewhere on the Dev team they sat around and came up with this “fun” idea. Up til now theres jump sequences I do not like to ever volunteer for in some maps.

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I enjoy the jump puzzles in Vermintide 2.


Puzzles are a fun change of pace in a hectic game. Keep them but add other kinds of challenges aswell. More team challenges would be a welcome sight.

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I love the parkour :D.

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Objectives are better than jumping puzzles
I hate jumping

I like to escort a ram or carry barrels or protect sometinhg, like v1 objectives

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Empire in Flames:

Elf - “Hey, you wanna get grim?”

Kruber - “Sure.”

*Spends 15 minutes jumping, dies to assassin when gets up to the grim."


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I agree, but the Bogsh*t puzzles are not “team” puzzles for the most part, since they require individual completions, the original Challenges for V2 were much better, since they required team coordination and most of them involved killing rats, what this game is all about. Im not the best at jumping, but managed to finish birds eye view 7 times, just never finished the map afterwards, because 7/7 times, the final boss spawn would be a troll, throw up a wall, and then clip through the ground. Maybe I would be ok with stupid puzzles that take you out of your way to do a silly mini game like content, if completing it gave you the reward without finishing the map. Too much can go wrong after wasting 30-40 min jumping around.

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