Fatshark heed my call

Okay so just listen to me here.
I’ve played the first vermintide and enjoyed it, and i love the second one. But i just spend 1 hour 23 minute trying to get to the top of the tower in The pit and when finaly geting there just got sniped by an assassin, and because no one could get to me [was with bots] i died, lost the game where i found the 10 bricks by myself and got up top the tower. Fatshark … please … DON’T do parkour. It realy reeaaly is bad [to be polite]. You are good to do a lot of thing but that is just a pain… that is not fun … Not at all. It was not fun in the first one it is not in the second. to have mini parkour to get to a grim or something its fine because even if the mechanics are awefull, but like realy awefull, its short you learn it by heart. But here. Its not fun fatshark. Just not fun. And i know it add content… but i just waste my time if i need to slip 10 time not to slip once. So i obviously did not get the achievement and not the crate, wich by the way is not a very good way to put paid content in crate that forces you to do the least fun thing of the software, wich is seriously a pain.
If anyone say: just do it online then think again the number of unpatient, nervous people is too high to do something that take time. A good thing would be to unlock the in-game achievement as soon as you get up to the tower. But that would still be only a part of it. Again to be clear most of the parkour is still simple enough, but your game is not made for platforming… realy not, i mean sometime even a simple ladder is a full war of its own to get in or out. So please, while i still love your game and think you are a good dev, please don’t do something like that … not again ^^


I actually really enjoyed climbing that tower.
I can totally understand why some people don’t like it, but don’t ask FS to stop doing something just because you don’t like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Play the mission on easy with bots, take Pyro or WS to snipe specials (can be done easily without them but if you don’t trust your ears and aim, go for those careers), and don’t try to do both challenges in one run, it only add to your frustration when you lose :stuck_out_tongue:


I can see that it would be sad for those who enjoy it, but i actually am a fan of role play, and i wanted to do it all in one game with bardin in ranger veteran. For the difficulty i was in champ, wich was fine until getting snipe. But here is my complaint i was FORCED to do it another way. In recruit with another class etc… But … i didn’t wanted to… If i want a bit of roleplay and that the "slipery’ is against me thats … a pain. And if you like parkour its fine realy!! But don’t put the crates of a dlc behind it… Legendary chest are fine rewards!!!

It might be a semantics issue, but… haven’t YOU just did the parkour? Is there any real reason why you could not just skip it? Not that it is required to complete a full-book run or something. Or do you just want 100.00% achievements which must simultaneously coincide completely with your vision of how the game should work?
That’s strange…

No you don’t understand: i would not have done it, if there was not a boggenhaffen crate for it. The thing is that THOSE crates are stupidly rare. Some guy made the math: you would need 10 month to possess everything that they hold if you did only the weekly challenges. For a dlc that you paid for its a bit upsetting to have to actually wait for the content to be unlocked drop by drop. So yes i did it, and i actually have a 100% (not so far) but my complaint is: It suck to have to do something not polished [that i personally find not fun, being admitted that some might find it fun] to unlock the content. It would have been a legendary crate: easy peasy i can skip it i have tons. But boggehafen crate is an other story!

Maybe stop trying to do all the challenges in one run.

A long time ago, I played Mirror’s Edge. It was mostly a good game, with a story that I would’ve liked to follow to the end. But I didn’t complete it, as I got frustrated and noticed a fundamental flaw in first-person platforming and parkour games: In real life, what allows us to jump around and do cool stunts is our senses. Not just sight, but touch and balance too, and they combine to a general sense of our body and its position, and our surroundings. In video games, though, we have to rely only on visual information for those, which is limited. It can be mitigated somewhat with third person view, allowing us to get extra info on our “body’s” position related to the environment, but no such luxury in first person. First person view also limits our vision somewhat, requiring us to focus on a certain part of the environment (with precision jumps, the landing) to the detriment of general awareness. Especially as we need that focus to get the position info we need.

And that’s already on a game with mechanics specifically supporting that kind of activity. In a game focusing elsewhere (like Vermintide) it’s made worse by controls not being tailored for that. So yeah, I kind of agree on the long jump puzzles. At least some have been made easier already, but I think we still have one or two where mistakes can prove fatal. Well, at least the Bögenhafen ones only need to be completed once, even if that may take a lot of attempts (and the game’s mechanics actively discourage trying the longer puzzles more than once).

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No, I do understand - I just don’t give a damn. If parkour gives you grief - just wait one more week and have three identical chests to get through other means. Not like there is a deadline somewhere on those - why rush?

Yeah, just look up how parkour was popular in Minecraft. No seriously - it was a hit. Anyway, I still find the OP’s attitude strange. Don’t like it - don’t do it. Not like there is anything you would never unlock if you skip it - you just get all the hats for all the dudes at most one week earlier, big deal.

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Exactly ^^ Worst part for me being that i have to wear glasses for a vision default that cannot be fully corrected so when i do climbing on walls and other i use my end to check the real distance between thing. But yeah, you perfectly described it!

Have you done the math on how much less time you’ll need to possess everything by doing the parkour challenge? Ten months - 3 days doesn’t sound like it’s worth it if you don’t enjoy parkour.


Do you know what does a RNG system implie? i guess yes but let me sum it up: as long as you don’t have what you want the importance of 1 crate is very high, it technically have a high value, once you’ve unlocked it its is no more needed. Obviously the most sought after are the skins, and it is what i seek. The chances of getting one is fix, so you need to open more to increase your “luck”. So it is not the time saved, but the value gained that i am after, at the moment i hit what i want the stuff is usless, i don’t care anymore, so i don’t bother, but until i get what i want i keep doing what gives the crates (wich is a mechanic of gameplay via lootboxes). So If you’ve done some statistical studies you would notice that we have a curve in bearing, with the last one being the longest, which mean that as long as you don’t have what you want one crate makes all the difference. So technically, no it does not change nothing ^^

Bog crates rare? You get 3 guaranteed ones each week with the weekly quests…

Challenges are not a requirement. They are for people who want to add a little challenge to their normal game.

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@Prorbac - I’ve climbed the damn tower, jumped down to the haystack and finished the map afterwards… And then a really nasty surprise - The game hasn’t had detected the whole thing so I didn’t get the box! And I never tried that challenge again. Fu*k it, it’s just one box.

Air control and jumping matter a lot in this game at the high end, especially in clutching for the team. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it should be removed.

On the senses side audio is far more important in this game than vision. Use a high quality headphone with virtual surround like SBX Pro Studio and tell me that doesn’t make 50x the difference to your awareness compared to changing graphics settings.

Welcome to the ride :3!
Also value the fanboys wisdom:
You can always give fatshark money while playing another game for the fun. Thats the spirit!

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