Please revert the changes to the first grimoire on Righteous Stand

You shouldn’t have to backtrack that far for a grim, make it a jumping puzzle on the shelves, do some other similar puzzle/change, or just revert the changes entirely.

Dropping down to get the grim is insane, every group just skips that grim now because it’s not worth going back for. Grims that force you to backtrack super far aren’t fun to get.


I seriously don’t understand why this change was necessary. It is such a stupid section, and going through it twice is god awful. This change has taken one of my favorite maps, and made it into one of my least favorites because I have 0 incentive to get all grims/tomes at this point.

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What’s funny was the way it is now was the original intent. The change was considered a bug fix lol

And here I was wondering what the weird path was.
When did they even change this?

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What’s particularly puzzling is that this map has got 2 puzzles requiring jumping and backtracking. Usually it’s 1 or 0.

I’m ok with fixing the puzzles when it’s clearly bugged, like grabbing items from below, or at impossible angles (like festering ground 1st tome before the fix), but here it’s quite unnecessary

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The second grim sucks just as much. I swear I can only make the ladder jump 50% of the time these days, and it didn’t used to be that way.

Agreed, I have no idea what the devs were thinking when they decided to make this change.
This was seriously one the most unnecessary changes made to this game I can think of.

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