Righteous Stand grim 1 should be reverted to how it was

As the title says I think they should change the first grim location to remove the backtrack.

  1. Backtracking is really irritating and brings the entire party to a screeching halt while you wait for one member to run all the way down the room and back up again.

  2. From a difficulty perspective it makes sense to give the players the grim at the start of the barracks (one of the most difficult spots in the entire map) instead of at the end when you have already cleared your way through it. Fighting your way through the barracks against hordes and bosses while carrying the grim is how we have done it almost since launch and now that it has been changed it just feels wrong.

So either change the jump puzzle to involve obstacles on the first floor instead of having the players drop down from the second floor. Or alternately add some kind of one-way gate like a floor hatch that is barred from underneath that allows the player grabbing the tome to return to the second level.

Another idea which is less about the grim and more about the level itself would be to add a deployable ladder at the exit that the players can activate. This lets the person grabbing the grim have a shortcut back up and also prevents the players from having to repeat the room multiple times which can get frustrating and tedious, especially if you drop a boss on them.


Agreed. Any book that has a long backtrack involved, or forces the team down a particular path when there are multiple paths available should be looked at.


Agreed. It was fine the way it was as it was still a jumping puzzle like all the other books. Now, it’s just, “drop down here and walk 50 meters back upstairs.”

I just jump off the first upturned piece of garbage (is that a bed?) and take it mid-fall. So you actually don’t need to backtrack.

But I must agree that there are tons of bugs in the game, and FS deciding to “fix” the grim is ridiculous.

Pickuping and carrying grims should be a challenge and not an activity that is done always automatically. Location of first grim on this map now can also make the task more difficult because a horde or monster can always appear when u backtracking. That is a point of ​​changes with the first grim.

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Any of the classes with a dashing skill can still grab it the old way.

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If you want to give the players an interesting challenge then you should just give them the grim to begin with and let them fight their way through the barracks while carrying the grim. They still run the same risk of a horde or boss forcing them to drop down to ground level again, but this way you don’t interrupt the flow of the level by forcing 3 people to sit around waiting for a third.

The current setup just imposes the risk of an extra horde, but most of the time nothing special will happen. So in effect you’re making the level boring because it’s less difficult and you’re adding more filler time where nothing interesting happens. Backtracking twice over the same ground isn’t fun or interesting, it’s just irritating. Especially if the rest of the party is impatient and leaves you behind, thus spawning extra specials on the isolated player.


Yea right lvl is boring because one grim location… lol. Man no one force other 3 ppl to stand in one place. Additional wave of horde or monster spawn = greater risk of fail. Yea, more hordes make game easier… lol
No offence but I understand that only you pick up every time a first grim in RS and and that’s why you feel irritated because of backtracking… maybe just let it pick up by someone else and irritation problem will be solved :confused: ?
All your grumbling comes from a change that does not suit you and that’s it. Like I said before, picking up grims should be a challenge, not a thing you do automatically and always.
Every second is sacrificed for something other than driving forward, it causes the risk of the next hordes spawns, which this time the group may not survive. That is a challenge and the time devoted to getting grims and bringing it to the end is rewarded.
This is an additional reward for effort and not becase should be.

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Can do it w/o the dashes. Probably on taller chars only though - like the grain boss tome.

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I don’t mind that it has been changed. I do mind that it was changed so much, though. Frankly, carrying the grim to the end of the map should be the challenge, not trying to reach the dang thing.


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