Festering Ground - Second Grim - Maybe Move it?

I feel like the Grim placement is a little too awkward. I’ve seen countless people attempt to land on the tiny ledge underneath the bridge only to miss it and just die from the fall. Jumping puzzles I’m fine with, but this one has caused more unnecessary troubles than any other grim or tome. There is difficulty in carrying a grim already, a chance at sudden death probably isn’t needed just to get the grim.

EDIT: Mistakenly said Tome in the title and not Grim.

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Tome != grim. It’s not a hard jump at all, but falling to your death is pretty lame.

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I had a lot of trouble until I learned how to do it properly (tried to walk instead of run, mistake), and now that I know how I can land it every time. That said making the ledge a bit larger probably wouldn’t hurt.

why don’t we just line up all the tomes and grims in a nice pile at the beginning of every level


*at the end of every level :smiley:


Why don’t we just shoot down suggestions with hyperbole counter arguments?

The answer is because that doesn’t really work, when the obvious counter argument is “No I don’t want taken it that far. Just a small tweak and we’re good to go.”


We seriously need someone to

  1. shoot a bunch of short clips of people trying and failing to reach Grimoires on certain maps (Convocation of Decay, Festering Grounds, Empire in Flames, Righteous Stand),
  2. cut them together,
  3. speed it all up
  4. and add the Benny Hill music!
  5. ???
  6. Profit!


Instead of crawling your way down onto the ledge try jumping as you come up the ramp and swinging your momentum left onto the little ledge, that way you’ll actually have some control over where you land.

The only problem with this method is the fact that the ramp doesn’t properly align with the visuals in all areas so you’ll have to subtly jump off the ramp slightly as you swing onto the small ledge. After swapping to this method I’ve not messed up the jumping other than times where I should’ve been off the ramp but the invisible floor blocked me.

I agree. Or maybe put a small ledge under that area so that you don’t take fall damage after each miss?

I do think it’s a jump that people will eventually master, but in the meantime it’s pretty awful to have teammates getting downed one after the other, and then catching a horde or two (while separated!) while they make attempts on the grim.

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There is basically a learning curve for that jump alone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Needs a lot of tries, then you get every jump - trying to rush it = fail again, then some tries later you finally master it.
What I really hate though is the deathtrap right in front of the grim. The 3 boxes there, you can still get stuck between those. An extremely annoying spot, had half my team die because they wanted to get in there to down the teammate so they could revive him to set him free… Of course it was a wipe.

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I feel the first tome there is even sillier, thankfully you can get it through the floor (which is lame but…)

I agree with this, simply because it’s the only grim that can lead to team wipes. If you miss the ledge, you almost always die from the fall. On top of that, there is an invisible floor above the ledge that makes this a really tricky one. I understand a jump puzzle, I understand a book being hidden. I don’t understand having to risk a team wipe by either falling or getting stuck in one of those boxes.

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I think they should just remove fall damage in an appropriate area like they did in the end of Righteous Stand. In general there is nothing wrong with the jump, people just have no clue what theyre doing and there for fall off. From all the jumping ones its probably the easiest. Im not counting first one Righteous Stand, or second one into the Dark, I mean actual jumping puzzle.

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