Second grimoire parkour skip on Festering Ground

I feel like I teach it every time I run this map so might as well share the knowledge (also Fatshark please don’t take this away if it’s unintented :c)

Careers with a “dash” ultimate (minus Foot Knight because startup) are able to skip the mini-ledge drop to reach the second grim by standing on the small rocky corner near the return route (rock “wall”).

For Handmaiden, Shadowstep Shade and Zealot, you need to input a jump left-side right before you dash toward the wall
For Slayer and Battle Wizard, I find it easier to look at the ground and hold my career key, then look back at the wall while holding it to find the right spot.

There you have it, enjoy the fast grims

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While I very much enjoy flying around the place as slayer looking for fun spots to skip, does this save a decent amount of time? Seems like the distance to the grim and back up is similar either route.


It doesn’t particularly cut time, but it’s way safer. Also if you get around here in certain situation where you trust your 3 teammates to fight current menaces (like a low health boss, or the end of a horde), you can use this to quicly grab the grim and be on your way right after

Yeah I don’t recommend posting skips in the forums if you enjoy them.


Seriously, delete this post before it too late.

What, wouldn’t everyone enjoy CW style invisible walls everywhere in campaign maps to prevent these movement tricks?

At least the Righteous Stand wall is visible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just so you know, post in Guides need to be approved first, so it’s already “too late”… Might as well share while it’s still in the game

How is this a skip ?
This literally takes at least the same time as just dropping to the ledge, AND eats an ability cooldown.
I get it’s not really intended but this is far from being a big deal.


Hell no. The playable map area shouldn’t have any barriers. If a career can use their ult to take advantage of a short cut then that should be accepted as a genuine strategy.

It’s hardly an exploit too since the mobs can intercept you just fine. You’re not leaving the playable area either, just taking advantage of the open space.


In my defense, Sophia is a necromancer.