Bogenhafen. Spoiler alert

So far have found all grims and tomes in “The Pit”, and 4 buttons. How many should I find to hear some releasing “knock”?

Might be an opening for chest under the house, with another bottle of wine for Okri

I heard there are 10 buttons

I think they are for okiri level challenge

10 oO

So these brews on the other map are for challenges as well?

Probably. Collect 100 of them and get drunk af

Ok, any info on chest under house near one of buttons then? Could anyone get there or its just decoration? First time I played map Ive managed to tag medpack down there.

Can you take a screenshot of that box and its surroundings?


turn left for, 90 degrees and it should be there. may be not visible from this position

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You can get to that chest by dropping down from the bridge next to the tower. Or by gaining access to the above walkways leading to the house. I haven’t been able to get there without slayer-jumping, bw-teleport, or hm-dash…

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